Misandre's Additional Attacks

I noticed when Misandre’s additional attacks trigger on an enemy with their defense debuffed, the first hit would factor in the defense debuff, but the others did not.

An example of this was in stage 8-7. One of the stage bosses had been defense debuffed and Misandre’s attacked it 3 times. The first hit did roughly 1000 damage. The other two both did right around 300 (on the same monster). Given that Misandre’s additional attacks are supposed to do 50% of the original, it appears the defense debuff is being ignored for those right now, as they should have done 500 damage instead.

Further evidence of this is that without the debuff, Misandre’s first attack does around 600 damage to those same boss monsters in stage 8-7 (I’ve tried this to make sure). This correlates with the 300 damage done by the additional hits when the defense debuff was present.

Is the additional attacks not benefiting from the debuff intended?