Misandra's multiple hits

Hi All.
I have 3 Misandras.
1 of them already have max 8/8 skill level.
I wonder if anybody else experience this when using her in attack:

  • She has much more probability to hit multiple times when there is just one enemy left …

Is she like nerveous or something when there is still full roster of enemies? This is kind of frustrating. I know it’s random. 42% chance.

But c’mon…

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I couldn’t refute this. It does feel that way. :rofl:

That’s why I hate most of the % chance heroes. Feels like they always let you down when you need them most. My 1/1 Misandra says hi sitting on the bench with Thorne forever.

Ive been using her on my blue mono team for months and I don’t think I’ve experienced this. She often hits 2, 3, or 4 times on first firing. When she fires 2x or more, my Kiril/Frida/Grimm follow up charges fully (ie she makes them essentially ‘fast mana’ for that turn) and then 3/5 of the enemy is gone. I’d say anecdotally this is roughy 30-50 percent of the time by feel.

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