Misandra's additional Hits

I’ve been using Misandra for quite a while (a couple years) and never (or almost never) she does additional hits on her first skill or while no enemy has fallen yet.

Skill description doesn’t specify anything about how many enemies there are, or how many times she has activated her skill. That’s why I see this as a bug:


Oh, and of course I have seen additional hits, but when the battle has passed a few turns or some enemies have fallen. It’s actually more common to see the additional hits when there’s only one enemy left.

I haven’t registered any examples but I could do it from now on. The thing is I preferred to ask first if this is intended or not. Either there’s something missing on the description, or something on her skill has an error.

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Errrr ok, I guess.
20 characters of thatwasntthequestionthanks

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I use Misandra quite often, she is one of the first 5* heroes I got. Mine is maxed and emblemed. I didn’t notice anything like that. When she does multiple hits I didn’t notice that it is always when you have one hero or all alive. Those extra hits she can do at the beginning or at the end of the battle. Sometimes she finishes one hero, sometimes she hits each once.
She isn’t very strong, but I like when she does multiple hits and charge my slower heroes in the same turn. :+1: