Misandra? Tell me why

Placing two champs of the same color next to the tank is pretty risky :slight_smile: When I see defence like this, it’s the blink of an eye and I attack!

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Oh, I get it, but RNG also has to be kind with tiles, which for most players, doesn’t happen often, which is why this defense is able to stay in Diamond Arena. I fully expect players to stack Nature. But I revenge raid successfully 9 out of 10 times, so it all works out eventually.

Would you go misandra Vela aegir or dupe alasie?

Why wouldn’t you tank with neith, flank the purples, and wing the blues or go

Misandra sabina neith grimm seshat?
Or something of that nature?

Just curious

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Vela or dupe alasie.
Also as Misandra is a lot fun to use.
If you use blue tanks in war, then maybe agier.

I’ve tried that but got plowed in raids. Also tried Seshat at tank with Misandra at wing. Got killed.

I run currently dark holy defense with seshat-rigard-guin-ursena-sartana. Rigard to be replaced by kage once I get the tabards. Serves well. When setting up rainbow defense I use Ariel but there is a case also then for Alice or misandra. Primary use would be attack in raids and wars.
Misandra would be better if the probability to hit more that once would be higher. One hit is just weak. Used her for farming to get a picture and together with two valerias kiril and Ariel in mono attack team in war for her Mana Boost (someone posted this, liked the idea).

She’s an offensive hero. Paired with Ariel on a blue mono team their specials synergies have the team powering up really fast.

She often gifts me a turn or two with her mana and saves my back.

3 enemies ready to fire, mine are only almost charged.

  • Missy go
  • fire twice
  • charge up 1 or 2
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Very, very nice replies and competent here…some food for thoughts…thanx to you all, guys…and Ladies! :wink:

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*competence (english is not my mother tongue…:joy::joy::joy:)

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She’s an above average defender, but certainly not on par with Alasie. I’d say she’s a bit behind Alice and about on par with Magni.

She REALLY shines on offense though, depending on your mana troop situation. Most of us do not have the resources necessary to run multiple lv23+ mana troops to shave a tile from our average speed heroes. With even a level 1 mana troop equipped Misandra will immediately charge all average speed blues at 9 tiles (far and away the most common way fast heroes are charged in a match) regardless of if she procs a second hit or not. Since all of the good blues aside from snipers are average mana, being able to hit 9 tiles then use Missy to charge Kiril/Frida/Grimm/Ariel/Aegir/etc can massively alter the course of a match


Unfortunately a mana troop is necessary to be able to shave a tile off of average speed heroes with only one hit from Misandra, since mana gain needed to shave a tile with misandra is ~4.2%.

Once Kiril’s costume is available, he can be used with crit troops which will greatly increase his durability.

It is also worth noting that if you do not mono, Missy still shaves a tile from any average speed heroes of other colors assuming she fires before they charge


No bro, alliance mate tried neith+18 with lvl30 troops.

4600 defense but he got one ■■■■ 4x in recent war and went back to using drake if we go holy tank.

This is correct. Neith is currently 4th best yellow tank, following Guin then dealer’s choice of del or drake for #2 or 3

I’d say Onatel at the least is a better tank too. Fortunately you can put Neith at flank if you don’t have Onatel (for raid).

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Took me a very long time before I decided to level her as her RNG is very random IMO.

However, offensively she can be life saver especially if you pair her with mostly average mana heroes. I use her in my mono blue and she often helps to fill that last bit of mana.

She is worth it depending where you want to use her. She will give you that wonderful defense once in a long while but most of the time she is best for offense where you can time when to fire her.


That’s the point @AirHawk!

My DEF lacks in the BLUE-SLOT; I have 19 5* maxed, and my roster is quite balanced through all the colors: but it’s not sooo deep to pick up too niche choices! So when I decide to ascend a Hero, I look in the medium/long term, trying to go for the most “universal” one: a Hero that could service me as long as possible (AMs are so hard to collect).
I think Misandra is a solid and good Hero; I use her at 3.70 in multiple scenarios; but I can’t see her in my Def for the (in)famous blue slot: it would force me to do painful choices.

GRIMM+13 - KIRIL+9 - FRIDA+15 - MAGNI - MIKI (3.70): I think my blue-stack works well as it is now, both for Titans and AW/Raids. Reading all yours inputs here, I understand the possible advantage in adding Misandra and her RNG mana boost…but…who does really know? It’s RNG! :joy:

Yes, she could be a very good offensive addition instead! She’s fast, and I lack fast blues out of Magni!

So…food for thoughts, my friend! Thanx for your solid and competent input!!!:wink:


Remember me saying you don’t need a rainbow defense to make it work? :wink:

Until now my best defense is not rainbow


It’s only RNG if you do not have mana troops at all. Misandra shaves one tile off of all average speed heroes with even a level one troop. Every hit is 0.6 tiles of mana.

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