Misandra? Tell me why

Yes, The Alasies…oh yes, The Alices…oh oh oh yes, The Finleys! I know these are the rockstars that play in the Top Teams’ Defences Blue Ballroom; but I see a lot of Misandras too…tell me why :thinking:

Mine is sitting at 3.70, and I’ve never found the right push to pull the final ascension trigger: I’ve missed something maybe…:thinking:

Today I’ve received my 6th Scope from a monster chest: Misandra? Tell me why… :wink:


They like her because her multi hits can charge the mana of the rest of the team

My main problem is it’s random and doesn’t time well but telling them that is like talking to a wall because you get answers like “but this one time when i faced her…”

For some she may be the only fast mana blue they have so she sees wing action. But for most it’s either emblems or just pure anecdotal reasoning


Certainly when I attack her, she seems really mediocre.

Not rubbish, but not very scary


That feeling when you’re 1 vs 1 and both hers and your special is ready… She fires first, chains 4x and your 75% HP hero is dead…

That’s when you realize why she’s a solid corner hero for defense. Her talent is also very nice!


Levelling mine, but also not sure if I should bring her past 3-70. Based on projected 4-80 stats, her damage is far less then, say, Magni.

If her special were guaranteed it would be a no brainer, but as it is it just fires too randomly to impress me. And when it does, it adds like … seemingly 10% mana?


Happened 1 times of many times I have faced her.


Yes, Fighters’ talent is great! But…having Kingston, the new Big Thing in town…would you strip him of his emblems to give them to her? Wondering…


That really depends on what your options are and what your defense looks like. Generally speaking, I would prefer Kingston over Misandra for emblems.
Post your options here and I’m more than happy to give you my preferred defense line-up. :slight_smile:


What are your blue options for scopes? And green options for defense?

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I’m a little slow and i cant read…

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I have mine at 3-70 too, but I’m not sure I will take her all the way up.
I have fun farming with her and that’s the only action she’ll get, so she’s fine at 3-70 I guess.
She’s not reliable enough to get in my war teams.
As a matter of fact, I think I’ll ascend Richard over her.


I have her maxed and use her every war. Not regretting maxing her at all. :slight_smile:


I think leavin her at 3/70 could be a mistake

I think she’s overhyped in defense

But still a fast mana snipe with an RnG bonus that is still solid in offense

I would leave Richard at 3/70 personally.

But that is just me. I don’t have her but teammates have showed offense vids where she’s still kickin a** even if her rng hits dont click. On offense you can pair her with finley, athena; frida, or grimm and still get a solid hit out of her. More solid than the calcs for richard hit even with one of those in effect from what i can tell.


Her 42% chance is doubled when shes on a raid defense too.

/conspiracy theory

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yeah sure, I’d use her too if I had her maxed.
But I see more synergy in a Frida > Richard (or even Thorne) combo, than with Mis.
I never quite understood where the hype about her was coming from.
The extra hits are the best feeling in the world when they happen, but it’s just too rare. Maybe if they upped the extra hit chance a little, I’d change my mind…


MAXED: Alberich+15, Kingston+13, Elkanen, Elkanen 2, Horghall
3.70: Morgan Le Fay, Lianna, Kingston 2

MAXED: Mitsuko+12, Azlar+11, Khagan, Marjana+7
3.70: Elena

MAXED: Kunchen+15, Seshat+15, Seshat 2, Victor
3.70: Jabberwock, Seshat 3, Kunchen 2, Kunchen 3, Grimble, Quintus

MAXED: Onatel+15, Vivica, Joon+7, Neith
3.70: Leonidas

MAXED: Frida+14, Magni, Thorne
3.70: King Arthur, MISANDRA, Miki



I vote misandra out of those blues at 3/70


Hm… If you want an all emblemed rainbow war defense, there are two options:

  1. Go with Alby and strip Kingston for either Magni or Misandra.
  2. Go with Kingston and use Frida (Frida is not so good on defense imo).

Yup would emblem mis over kingston for war d considering alby and mn are pretty good bets at causing failed 1 shots and mismops


I never understood Misandra hype also until I started using her on 3.70 myself (offense only ofc). I am not a fan of rng heroes and her % is not impressive, although of course very satisfying when chain reaction happens.

But the best thing about her is that she allows you to charge some mana without moving a tile and without losing a turn. She might be the only fully charged hero with a mediocre board that would charge tank/healer/aoe murderer, but when she fires, she can charge mana of the allies to help you get extra snipe to kill the healer, def buff/attack debuff to mitigate aoe or just heal up before taking the beating. While I currently only use her in low tier war offense, she already helped me score wins where otherwise I would get my ■■■ kicked. Having Magni taking emblems I thought I will leave Mis on 3 70 forever but now when I use her, she got in the queue right after Frida (with Magni, Ariel, Aegir already maxed), and preceeding Isarnia, Richard, Thorne and Miki (also Vela, if she gets pulled).


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