Misandra talent grid

Hello guys,
I just leveled up Misandra and thinking about talent grid.
Maybe someone already finished hers talent grid?

Nobody is even close to finishing a 4* talent grid, I think level 12 is the highest so far (for a 4*)… finished 5* talent grid is out of the question at the moment… I never met any 5* higher than level 3 so far… A 5* requires around 1500 emblems for a complete talent grid…

Im sorry, I ment a sheet of the best Misandra talent grid. :smiley:

Since she’s an attacker, I’d suggest going down the paths that give her a stronger attack. Where you have a choice, prefer defense over health.


Not me but crazy

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I also meet one Magni with a 4 talent level today. More and more level 3 are starting to show.

To the guy who said hes never seen a 5* above level 3: heres a pic of my most powerful hero.

You did not bother to check the date of my post, did you? I posted that in march 2019, over a year ago… nowadays 5* + 20 heroes are a common thing…

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