Misandra special

I run on a Samsung Galaxy tab s2. After the update, misandra special has a noticeable lag before damage is dealt whenever I use her (in raids). Not really that bad or even game altering, but it’s just something different I noticed. I’m not going to report the bug formally since I don’t care whether or not it’s fixed, but if anyone is reading this and has free time to address it, that’s just an inconvenient change.

Maybe I’ll turn the sound on… Did you give her some new sound effect that is lagging her out?


I’ve noticed this myself as well.

Yeah, like a massive lag (have the same issue with her)

Yes i have this problem too.it takes 1-2 seconds after hitting her special to damage the enemy.lag

What I have noticed is that the only time there isn’t lag between her attack and the damage actually being applied is when she hits all 4 times. Also, the more times she hits, the less lag there is in general.

It seems like the game pauses for a set duration now regardless of the number of attacks she rolls. This duration works when she hits 4 times, but there is “lag” otherwise because the attack animation finishes before the coded pause is reached.

More like every special and minions is lagging the game. each chipping hit takes half a second each. URGH!

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