Misandra or Victor

So, as of right now I’m working on ZimKitty (Zimkitha) and she’s at 50/4 and growing everyday. I have the ascension materials to raise both Victor and Misandra up, but I wanted to see who you all think I should ascend first.

This is my current team and I plan on switching out Drake for ZimKitty and Victor and Misandra are going to replace Isarina and Thoth-Amun. Right now my Misandra is at 55/2 and Victor is at 12/1 so knowing all of this, which of the two should I work on after ZimKitty?

Have you considered putting Drake at tank and surround him with Thoth and Victor?

I’d vote Victor in this scenario. Especially if you have a dark lvl 11 4* mana troop.

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and you do have a lvl 11 troop. I need to pay closer attention to screenshots. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I do have lvl 13+ troops. Below is a picture of most of the troops I have. Screenshot_20181119-154545_Empires

Personally I have Isarna and Misandra and Misandra is the way I’d go…I have Victor as well and am working on getting him up to speed but Misandra is maxed and she is on my number 1 team…I would do as KLinMayhem suggested and have Drake as your tank based on what your showing. I have him maxed as well but have Grave as my tank…

@Kerridoc @Rook @FrenziedEye @Ber, I only received two opinions and they are both differing, favoring either hero. Hopefully you all will be able to assist me because Zimkitty is at 60/4 and it’s almost time for me to choose. @Shohoku79 @Razor @Anchor

I would go with Victor for a reason, both are good, but Isarnia is much better than thot. If you are going to supply one, I prefer isarnia and victor than thot and misandra, of which I also doubt a little.


In a rare moment of accord, I agree with Ber. Thoth is not a strong hero in any role, whereas Isarnia is. victor will give you more offensive capacity.


So go with Victor first then focus on Misandra? @Ber?

I agree. Victor for the defence buff and flexibility in offence. Thoth is the weak link

Then Misandra later

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Of course. Is the ideal movement

@King_Kyree77 this ‘might’ help some…

In terms of overall Team effect

  • Do you prefer a ‘potential’ minor Mana increase for your living team members
  • Do you prefer a guaranteed +30% defense for your living team members

Misandras Grades side by side with Victors (she is basically higher across the board) other than his mana speed - we know how dramatic that speed difference can be i.e. Gravemaker

If you look at them in terms of a GPA across the board (again Misandra)

I don’t have enough use information on either to give you a solid on that, however Victor seems to be more popular at the moment (his Time of Availability to obtain was longer though) more to be revealed if she is made available during this upcoming summons event for Season 2

Their special skills are really different - hard to compare those without you knowing what your needs or preference is. Who is the least comparable to your other heroes you use?

FACT: THEY ARE BOTH VERY STRONG HEROES OVERALL You won’t lose picking one or the other in my book.

Below is something I’m still working on. The ‘r’ prefix indicates the RANK among ALL Rare, Epic and Legendary Heroes. What is apparent is:

Victors Attack Power is ranked higher than Misandras (13 higher)
Misandras Defensive Health is ranked Higher than Victors (18 higher).

The ranks for Power, Attack, Defense and Health are also provided.

Disregard the RazorsEdge* for now



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While I agree with your analysis, Razor, this is a great example where the context tilts the evaluation. Misandra is objectively better, by a nose, but given the rest of the heroes we’re looking at, Victor replacing Thoth will have a bigger impact than Misandra replacing Isarnia. Honestly, I think in that team replacing Isarnia with Misandra might lower its effectiveness.


@Kerridoc - Thanks. I honestly just jumped up to see who was being compared and didn’t answer the question!

If it was simply a pick between the 2, I’d have trouble if all else was equal.

@King_Kyree77 definitely Drop THOTH, I have him Fully Leveled and Ascended (one of my personal mistakes that I’m living with - fortunately have/had HEL first). ISARNIA is definitely the better trouble-maker between the two, while your working on your targets!

So my vote is VICTOR!

He is a bit behind Misandra on the way there - but that is easy make-up in those ascensions.

Let me know what you think of ZIM! Hoping she is a GAME CHANGER!



Victor. Zimkitha and Victor will ensure your survival with cleanse & DEF on top of empowering your ATK.
Victor is also the 2nd best purple hero for raids due to his versatility.


Who’s the first? Hel or Sartana ??..My opinion, and I have them both is Hel. Although, when Guin is tank I bring them both

Hel is the best 5* purple hero for raids, then Victor.
Sartana isn’t versatile at all, she just does 100% mixed damage (direct & poison) :frowning:


Victor is a game changer … no question go for Victor

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Sorry, but Victor is no way a game changer. Very good on offense, good at def and Titan. No big damage dealer, but useful.

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