Misandra or Magni?

My question is more related to defence. I am not looking to deal damage to titan here, but for Raid and War defence team.
I already have:
Horghall (i know he sux, will switch when I got a decent 5* green heroes).
and levelling Vivica right now.

I love Misandra mana boost, but the random effect is very bad and unpredictable. Also, I did notice (and I could be wrong) that if she trigger while in defence (my enemy as misandra) and if the mana boost given to other heroes max their mana, they won’t trigger before the next turn.

So, any adivce?

I have the same dilemma and will choose misandra

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I say Misandra every time if it’s a decision between her and Magni. She has the ability to be a great tank.


I have both maxed! Misandra is much better. :wink: So I would ascend her.

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By the way, those heroes in defence team will trigger their speacial skill, if they are more right than Misandra in line up. So she needs to be in left side in defence team. I have her in left flank position.

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Thanks for the info!!!
Greatly appreciated!

I went for misandra finaly!

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