Misandra mana mechanics

I pair misandra with an avg mana blue hero eg grimm / kiril equipped with a lvl 11 mana troop

Once misandra fires once, usually the avg mana hero gets charged immediately. However, this doesn’t happen all the time. The mana bar may sometimes be not completely full.

Does anyone know why there is a difference?

You potentially fired mis after 8 tiles and it would take 10 for an average speed hero. If you fired mis after 9 tiles, it should work fine. (So long as no mana effects are in place)

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I get it now
Tks for the quick reply!

So does the lvl of the mana troop matter?

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Generally it just matters that they have a mana troop on them for average speed to fire. I’ve heard that it needs to be at least level 5 (if she only hits once), but I haven’t tested and both my mana are above that so I haven’t had any issues with her setting my average speed heroes off, so long as it’s a 9 tile charge. Hope this helps.

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It does.

Thanks!! !!

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She seems to add .5 mana for each hit. So if she hits twice, she will add one tile worth of mana to your heroes. So if you charged her with 3 matches of 3, that’s 9 tiles, average heroes charge in 10 tiles, if she triggers once she will charge the average heroes. 42% of the time she can do that.

Pretty sure there is an existing thread which addresses this, most notably in post 10:

I usually use misandra with a average speed heroes, to shave off a tile with just 1 misandra hit.

Is there any other combination with her that would work well?

Each Misandra hit shaves off half of a tile:

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