Misandra,,, hit or miss?

Did you guys have misandra?? I found her ability is unique and unpredictable.
I have her now at 3/70
And I have Athena 3/70 too
Which one I ascend first??

YOU are right! Missandra is quite unpredictible But she hits hard most of the time.
Anyway, i’d go with Athena. It depense on what YOU need.

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Athena, no doubts, extremely useful and predictable. Definitely a better card then Misandra

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I have Misandra maxed. She’s a mixed bag, like Wu. When all of her minor hits go off, it’s cool. But usually they don’t. The unpredictability factor indeed makes her fun but, more often than not, she won’t come through when you really need it. They should have increased the chance for those hits at least twice. That’s my opinion. Because when she hits once, it’s just one hit that is really weak for a 5*, with no additional effect, and that’s just ridiculous. She could be a good hero if those hits were more guaranteed. So Athena is probably a better bet (I don’t have her myself).

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I have a plan to make one colour army.
Along with misandra and athena,
I have aegir 3/70
Kiril 4/70
Agwe 4/70
Sonya 4/70
Grimm 4/70
Boril 4/70
So i really confuse to mix them well.

Misandra does an average of 413% damage ( edit: oops, probability math is tricky ). Has better defense stat and her ability works better on A.I. Controlled defense.

Athena does an average of 610% if hitting 3 enemies. Has better attack stat, the best rainbow defense debuff of current heroes and ability works best on attacking.

Previous Advice:
With out more information on you roster and goals, hard to give you advice.

Updated Advice:
Wow, the released version of Misandra is seriously under powered compared to Athena. To be fair, many heroes are under powered compared to Athena.


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I told someone to hold off on ascending Misandra on the off chance they pull King Arthur next month.

Right now, the person has Isarina 3/70 and Misandra at 3/70, giving the nod to Misandra if no Arthur. Already Alaise 4/80.

I just don’t feel Misandra is “all that”

(that being said I accidentally ate my copy and I am teh sad.)

I have noticed her additional hits at minor damage are only 33% damage.

Guess we have multiple definitions of minor damage now.

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I actually have Misadra almost fully leveled and she is very fun to play with. BUT I only leveled her, because I didn’t get Athena and still have mats for King Arthur, if I can pull him. Probably won’t! :grinning:
Athena is much better, if I have her, I would level her without a doupt.

Feel like misandra is best on mono-blue teams. I just don’t see her (other than titans) as useful otherwise. Decent 5* if you don’t have a huge selection, for sure.

The way I understood minor damage, it uses half her attack stat.
This is why minions do such poor damage.
Also different targets have different defense stat and the defense stat is not linear.

Those plus Athena will be awesome

I actually have fully maxed Magni also, but some how I like Misandra more. :wink: When that chain attack hits, it is awesome. And for that she needs to be fully maxed. But I agree, she isn’t so useful than Athena or King Arthur.

Athena is ■■■■ near the best hero in the game. Shouldn’t be a question for you. Athena is a Grimm on steroids!

Athena without thinking twice , misandra is cool but not enough cool comparing to one of the best blue heros our there.

I stand corrected!

I did a test with grimm and misandra and noticed similar minor damage compared to main hit.


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Misandra and King Arthur are always on my roster for raids. When her special is triggered and if she get her chain hits going Arthur also get charged and ready to fire. I’m waiting for D Blade to get those two max. They are good fun.

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When asking “Athena orrrrr” the answer is always Athena, that should be stickied.

Not even a question.


It’s always Athena, always


Athena. Shortest reply everrrrrrr

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