Misandra good or bad

Is misandra worth the materials to ascend

I think she is worth if you have plenty heroes with average mana. I tried her in the map and I like how she helps to charge up Tarlak, Hel, Wilbur. I will try to get Athena and/or Aegir. If I will not get them then Misandra will go up.

She is among the top blue 5* heroes. Particularly useful in raids. She shines in raid offense, next to Alasie the best blue 5* you can have there. So in general she’s absolutely worth it.

Whether she’s worth it for you however depends on what other blue 5*'s you have and how your total roster looks and where she’d fit in.


I don’t have her myself, but from raiding against her, I’d raise Alasie or Magni ahead of her for damage output. Not that she isn’t good or worth levelling IMO, just that there’s at least one regular season 1 blue hero who’s better on defense.

After playing with her a lot in beta, I disagree. Since her last nerf she doesn’t do nearly enough damage on average, making Alasie, Magni, and Arthur much better options.


I just took her and Aegir in an Atlantis pull…I have an unleveled Guinevere as future tank…do u think Misandra is worth to be the first 5* blu hero?
Don’t have other ones…

Sure thing! She’s not bad at all. Alasie is better yes, but that doesn’t mean Misandra hasn’t value. She will be a good piece of your team, and in my opinion a better option than Aegir since you have Guin.

I have a maxed alasie, magni and perseus on 4.57. Misandra is 3.70 and I have isarnia, rumpelsteelskin and thorne not trained at all…
I have 8 telescopes. Should Misandra get these??

I use Misandra always in raids, when she multiple hit … you will be very happy specially the mana boost part … i’d say go for it …
Beside , look at the top 100 players … you will find a lot of Misandra there

Misa, Rumpel, Isa in that order.

Tnx, she will be happy with the telescopes :slight_smile:

Isarnia is my only leveled 5* ice at 3/60 and climbing, I have Rumplestilskin, Richard, Thorne and Misandra and it seems like Misandra would be the better option for next 5 star choice.

I’m hoping to pull Ariel since Alasie is not available now, if I can get her she’s getting all of my ascension materials. So I’m gonna level Misandra but probably won’t take her past 2/60 for now.

I have 3 Misandras …
One already at 3.x
The other 2 still at 1.1

I think it will be hilarious to see them in action together if I will be able to level the other 2 to 3.x as well.

3 Misandras and 2 Finleys (new, blue Pirate) would make an amazing team.

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I also got my 2nd Proteus from last Alantis.
3 Misanda + 2 Proteus would silence the enemies over and over :smiley:



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