Misandra broke?

Just curious. on misandras description i dont see where it states she is suppose to get mana for single hits?? Her card specifically states that only additional hits past her one hit get rewarded with mana. My misandra gets mana every single time she launches her attack. Only once has she ever attacked more than once but after every launch of misandra all allies get mana. Im about to ascend her to the last level because of that and i want to make sure its not a bug that will be fixed before i do that. Any help is appreciated


That is correct. She give all allies (including herself) a small amount of mana on each hit, including the first.

I pulled her in my Atlantis pulls…she is my only blue 5* and i am very happy to hear good things about her :slight_smile:

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hi. Misandra is awesome! a single hit charge 0,6 unit of mana (1unit is 1 tile), two hits 1,2 units, three hits 1,8 unit and four hits 2,4 unit. yeah four hits!!! but the % of combo are 42% two hits, 17,64% 3 hits and 7,4 % 4 hits.

I was lucky to pull her too last event.
But @Tpenn is right.
The Tooltip clearly says “all allies gain a small amount of mana for each additional hit
I tried it too and all gain mana even on the initial hit.

So either the tooltip is wrong or the skill is not working as intendet.
But as it has always been that way and Misa is not OP either, i would just suggest to keep it that way and adjust the Tooltip so it says each hit.

@Petri @Sara tagged you to investigate. thanks


Im glad you see that @Rilf. I wasnt a beta tester when misandra came around or any of the atlantis heros for that matter so i dont know what the discussions were about her. But as her card reads she is clearly broke. I for one would rather see it say that each hit gains mana. Not each additional hit.

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