Misandra as a tank is it smart?

I have a question, can Misandra with fighter talent and rebirth work on a tank? Because I can only upgrade either her or Richard to have a costume for him. And this hero will stand up as a tank. I am asking for hints. And do you have a talent net for Misandra, how would you manage it if she was a tank?

Misandra has her fans and she’s fine.

But I love hunting blue tanks and I’d expect to beat her 8/10 times or maybe more.

C.richard is likely to be much better.


I would go with the great @JonahTheBard. Misandra lacks the necessary defense and health stats to work as a viable tank, even if emblemed. Emblemed Richard with maxed costume bonus would be a far better tank than Missy.


May I ask what do you think about her when she’s on a flank or wing on a defence team? Would she be better there?

In the current meta where tanks should be at least 800 defense prior to embleming, I could picture Missy flanking and dealing damaging chain and increase mana to allies. But there are better flanking heroes than her. But really, I find Misandra excel when used for attacking.


I am asking because I saw her on the tank many times. But since you think Richard is better, ok, what do you think about such a defense. Alberich, Kageburado, Richard, Onatel and Marjana?

No. Snipers very, very rarely make a good tank.

The answer according to the title is:

No. It is stupid :crazy_face:

If the topic is about tank, i choose onatel. She is a good tank

If between richard and misandra as a tank, richard is better.

But if i were you, i will use my precious mats to ascend misandra rather than richard. (As in my mind onatel is the tank):

Here’s my suggested defense

Alby - kage - onatel - marjana - missandra

imo richard is more suitable, the costume will give him extra stats too to make him even more sturdy

As a Missy lover… go with C-Richard if needing a tank only. Missy is more of an offensive hero

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