🎃 Miriam & Midnight - 5* Ice/ Blue from Return to Morlovia (Halloween)

wait till she passes el nada’s buff inhibition back to her

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That is just looking at the hero in a very one-dimensional manner.

She is so strong that her limitation of support to 3 heroes is worth overcoming through adjusting team composition. Definitely the best hero in the portal.


And all recent heroes are super strong so she’s not OP compared to them

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Many of SGG’s newer heroes seem to follow a sales strategy of “create a disease to sell the antidote” through polarization of niches/skills beyond “a typical normal counter”.

Miriam and midnight, Hulda, diaochan, zuri, etc on face value in a vacuum seem very strong - so strong that an opponent might see them as overpowered…that is unless they have the antidote (in which case almost easy pickings)…

Antidote being alucard, c-gefjon, eloise, topaz, c-skadi, etc.

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What a hypocrisy!

SG says Xnolphod was too strong and he had to be nerfed, yes?! But M&M is very nice balanced, like a regular hero, yes?!

SG by actions like nerfing Xno only shows that the main target for them is to “encourage” people to pull new heroes…and pay for pulls of course! How it could be that old hero is almost as good as new heroes, right, SG?


Guan Yu seems like a decent counter to this hero, being green too. His defense down cannot be reflected as it is uncleansable.

I do see why her minions isn’t summoned to all allies, just like Dia.

But the heal should at least be to all otherwise she isn’t worth a place in a team imo. (Just like dia if her healing only applied to the nearest teammates - and yes I do understand that M&M got more bonuses in her special than dia).

I got her (and Matilda) but Alucard is definitely the best of the portal and that’s why a lot of people already talking about nerfing him.

Anyone tried her with Frosth?

I think those minions should easily come over 1k HP, depending on troops, and emblems…


Uncleansable does not mean it cannot be reflected, doesn’t it? I think M&M still have that def down but Guan gets a taste of his own medicine…

In the description of the skill the minion lifts the newest cleansable status ailment

M&M is not OP though. maybe that family bonus gets nerfed

you think so? best in the portal? I got M&M and unfortunately dont have the scopes but can you please explain why you think M&M is the best? thanks.

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This is the one I wanted the most. I still have time so hopefully they will fall through the portal for me before I completely run out of tokens… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


This hero is easily the best in this portal and the one I’d love to get. OP much? At average speed this hero is ridiculous.


does M&M go well with Azmia?

I see M&M being a giant Khufu shield. So, just thinking about synergy potential…The minion eliminators are most common in yellow, so dark will be on wing. Seshat/CSeshat would be perfect since her special will create another 40% hp kitten to protect M&M. Red should be flank for the color protection, so of course, Khufu will be ideal. Pick your fun for the other side.

Oops. I had a brain hiccup and mixed Puss’ special up with Seshat. Need more caffeine before thinking this hard. :rofl: That being said, Seshat will still be a good wing because she makes replicating bone shields to make up for not being under the heal umbrella.


M&M is an excellent defensive hero. If she healed everyone, she would be on any defense. I hope to get one.


I don’t like impact 3 type healers……so only thought comes is to pair her with WolfganG on defence….
offence isn’t an issue….


I got her but I really don’t know how to use M&M because I usually bring one good healer. I hate it when they only heal 3. She’s like glorified Zulag.

I really like M&M, imo she is better than Hulda. Even though it’s only nearby allies. But she just does much more for healing/def/attacking/cleansing/debuffering.