Mireweave attack stack increase bug

This Mireweave is at 3/60, but his attack buff from stacks seem to only give half the bonus (50% instead of 100% for exemple)

On this one I can’t even begin to comprehend how your can get +158 from 100% and -18%

20 character for picture upload

I replied on the other thread that you posted this on (removed those posts now as duplicates).

What level troop do you have equipped? I am not sure but maybe the buffs &/or the stack is calculated of the Hero Attack Stat, not factoring in the boost given by equipped troop.

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Thanks @Guvnor, my phone does weird things and posted in wrong category. Checking stats and troops

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Hero card without troops, 100% should at least give +575. Currently only gives +345

And 345 is exactly 50% of 690 attack. So it definitely seems to factor in troop bonus, but screws up the stack bonus

Second bug (maybe?) Mireweave stacks with Wu but not with Ranvir. You can see the same +345 while Ranvir’s buff is active

Ranvir’s is conditional so doesn’t go in as an “attack Boost”

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AHHh I think I know what has happened!

Version 1 of Mireweave had a +5% attack per stack up to a total of 10x stacks

Version 2 of mireweave changed to +10% attack per stack up to to a total of 10x stacks.

I think what has happened is that the card has been updated but the actual mechanic didn’t get updated.

I’ve flagged it to pass on to the Developers.


SO!! Now that the final ascension is done @Guvnor the buff is right. It’s as if the buff hasn’t been adjusted for third ascension level, however this is possible with the coding

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Not sure. I’ve passed it on to Staff who are investigating :slight_smile:

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