Miracle scrolls Question

Can anyone confirm how these work? Do you need to use it before your last hero dies? Or is it a little like gem continue option, and if you have one it asks you when all your heroes are dead? Don’t want to waste one.


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You have to use it becore your last hero dies. Think od it as your hero needing to read the scroll. Can’t do that if you’re dead.


St. Peter: Why are you here? You weren’t expected. You had a Miracle Scroll.
Caedmon: I don’t know… I’m sure I read it.
St. Peter: You’re SURE you read it.
Caedmon: Pretty sure.
St. Peter: Tell me what happened.
Caedmon: Well, the others went down pretty quickly, but I reckoned I had it under control you see… because of the scroll. Handy things these scrolls.
St. Peter: …and?
Caedmon: And then Azlar let loose. Hate that fire thing.
St. Peter: … and?
Caedmon: Well, then I read the scroll thingy. It was a bit hard… it was all aflame and I wasn’t seeing too well. Burning eyeballs and all that.
St. Peter: Did you see these gates in the background when trying to read the scroll thingy?
Caedmon: Well, yes… but it brings everyone back, right?
St. Peter: Sure it does… look behind you. They are all right there. Pity you weren’t on the battlefield where you needed to be.
Vivica: Great… thanks Caedmon. Really had nothing better to do than come back and attack the pearly gates.