Miracle scrolls Question


Can anyone confirm how these work? Do you need to use it before your last hero dies? Or is it a little like gem continue option, and if you have one it asks you when all your heroes are dead? Don’t want to waste one.



You have to use it becore your last hero dies. Think od it as your hero needing to read the scroll. Can’t do that if you’re dead.


St. Peter: Why are you here? You weren’t expected. You had a Miracle Scroll.
Caedmon: I don’t know… I’m sure I read it.
St. Peter: You’re SURE you read it.
Caedmon: Pretty sure.
St. Peter: Tell me what happened.
Caedmon: Well, the others went down pretty quickly, but I reckoned I had it under control you see… because of the scroll. Handy things these scrolls.
St. Peter: …and?
Caedmon: And then Azlar let loose. Hate that fire thing.
St. Peter: … and?
Caedmon: Well, then I read the scroll thingy. It was a bit hard… it was all aflame and I wasn’t seeing too well. Burning eyeballs and all that.
St. Peter: Did you see these gates in the background when trying to read the scroll thingy?
Caedmon: Well, yes… but it brings everyone back, right?
St. Peter: Sure it does… look behind you. They are all right there. Pity you weren’t on the battlefield where you needed to be.
Vivica: Great… thanks Caedmon. Really had nothing better to do than come back and attack the pearly gates.