Miracle scrolls essentially useless?

When I was lower level, miracle scrolls were great! But they’re so rare that when you’re level 15 or something and can make use out of them, you don’t have them. When you have SH20 and potentially forge20, your roster is developed to the point that miracle scrolls are basically useless… when you want to use miracle scrolls is against huge titans like 11* or whatever, but you just won’t use them because instead of reviving dead heroes with 400hp you’d rather prevent them from dying by using even just axes and turtle banners… it seems like miracle scrolls should have a place in the game but they currently don’t. They aren’t available enough when you need them, and at some point you just stop needing them. They’re literally useless to me. Maybe they should be buffed. If they revived your heroes with like 50% hp they might become useable.


Agree and not only that, when you face big bad bosses in challenge events your heroes are extremely vulnerable to being squished after being revived. Must supplement with mana pots.

And you can’t always time the use of miracle scrolls well. The most efficient way to use the scroll is when only one of your heroes is alive but that’s super risky to time when unintended tiles fly into bosses, awakening their specials.

It’d be good if miracle scrolls could be AUTO used if all heroes died.

Also in general I find that the issue is not my heroes’ health (which is too low anyway in hard challenge event bosses - usually my heroes will be killed in 2-3 hits). The issue is more trying to kill one of the bosses as quickly as possible before they fire their special.

If you clear one of the bosses you have ghosting territory and its easier.

So three of my inventory spots are reserved for ‘attacking items’ (bombs, dragons, timestops) and the last spot health pots.


Agree with your points but I do use them for titans when I have a bunch and find them quite useful. Allow you to go all out on the titan, revive when just one hero remains, and repeat.

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I’ve got tons, don’t think I’ve ever used one.

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I don’t agree …
I still use the M.Scrolls till now.
My roster allows me only to have 3500 TP I only have 2 maxed 5☆.
Some of Quests/Seasonal/Challange/Trials has 4k+ Stages and I am F2P … no way to waste 75 gems. Then I use M.Scroll if my team is so weak or I don’t have enough battle items to get the correct needed B.I to finish it clear.
M.Srolls are great on any point of this game to F2P of no luck in summons like me.


I use scrolls with some frequency as well. Yes, there is some timing in the use, but hopefully at this point in time you can know when a good time to use it. (1) Scroll to revive all members (1) Mana to fill a healer (I have Rigard) and then use his ability. It has, without a doubt, helped on Levels, Events, Etc.

Not every Hero\Battle Item\etc. can be used all the time and by everyone. You need to figure out your strategy and find how they fit it. I have not faced an 11* Hero (but I rarely use a Scroll on any Titians). I will save a slot for a Quest or Special Event if needed.

Food for thought, I hope it helps.

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