Miracle scrolls - Do people use them?

For lvl 20 forge they seem very underwhelming. 400hp recovered is likely just setting heroes up to get killed again in short order. Surely its better to stock up and go equipped on ‘lesser’ items that might save the battle before you need resurrection.

Maybe it’s worth it if it adds a HoT, does the item need buffing, it seems strange that Alby skill outperforms the lvl 20 forge some of the time (%%%%) , and there is no hero with any skill even close to tornado or timestop.

Or is there some niche use where these are indispensible ( ehp bonus at end of event stage for a better score is all i can come up with)?

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I used the dropped ones only to complete rare quests when I were with 3 :star: heroes only.

I haven’t used mine yet. I always looked at them as sort of a blanket resurrect (over a whole group) and heal. You know, so Melendor could continue the job… :grin:

I don’t have Alby, so a Resurrect scroll—over my whole team—seems pretty great, compared to a Revive Scroll which only hits one hero and only heals for 200 HP.


I used them a few times (from drops not forge). Just seems to me that when you need them you are in a spot where the next group hit will just kill them again (unless you have a healer ready too yep).

Better to take say bombs and not need them, you are unlikely to need 5 res scrolls, but 5 bombs, or tornados,can take you out of a world of pain in the same slot. It just seems strange that its so high level.

Keep in mind that you can take max of 3 resurection scrolls and 1 miracle scrolls :smiley:

I can’t see why miracle scrolls are ranked so highly.

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I have used 2 of them, both on last stages of Guardians and Avalon events for the first time, I didn’t have enough good ascended heroes. Last time for both they weren’t needed anymore

It says revive all dead heroes. Do we have to have at least one surviving hero to use the scroll or the scroll will activate automatically when all heroes are wiped out? I have never used it yet.

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You have to have at least one hero still alive. I used a few early on to complete rare quests with mostly 3* heroes. They’re useful for new-ish players to finish higher difficulty levels, but aren’t good in general. By the time you can get crafting level 20 to produce them, you should have a strong enough team anyway to complete rare quests and challenge events. They’re especially limited since you can only bring 1 into battle.

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Never used one.
Just do the lv20 forge for the gems :face_with_monocle:

for a staggering 10 gems?!?!?!??!


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What else are you going to do with 1.6M iron? :wink:

So basically its like TC14-18 , absolutely no use at all by the time you can build it. I was hoping there was some ninja application

Oh well, now to use that 1.6m iron to build timestops

I think I have used a miracle scroll maybe one or two times… Perhaps they would be more useful and worthy of a high level battle if they could be used after your whole team was wiped. A miracle scroll instead of 75 gems to continue with maybe 50% hp? still wouldn’t be that great, good for when you come back to a defeated screen while auto farming zone 23.