Miracle scrolls - can they be used in later waves?

I did it yesterday with Boldtusk (maxed w emblems), Kunchen (4.25), Frida, Leo and Elk (all at 3.70). Brought medium mana potions, axes, bombs and a miracle scroll. Took down one of the flanks first to be able to ghost tiles - didn’t aim for a particular one, just whatever the board favored. Saved all the mats for bosses.

I barely made it and used up all the mats including the miracle scroll. Resurrected my hitters with BT in bad shape and Kunchen fully charged on shaky legs.

Doing it over again, I’d bring Proteus instead of Leo. I like Leo’s mana cut and self heal, but not allowing bosses to charge at all is better :>.

Cheers, good side you’ve got too. All being fast mana bosses makes it very difficult. Good idea about taking out one flank first.

Didn’t take her on the first try, because of colour, but I’m going to bring Onatel 3/45 next time to help control mana. Along with Sabina 4/63, Kellile 4/70 + 5.

Then deciding between Caedmon 4/66, Kiril 4/36, Magni 3/26, Frida 2/60, Gormek 4/40, Wu Kong 3/36, Cyprian 3/60 and Elk 2/46…

You’ve got some really good heroes but maybe not the sturdiest yet. I’m really still a newbie and not sure I can give the best advice, but when I do events I like to bring two healers/buffers, two AoE hitters and one sniper/finisher.

Looking at your team, I would probably bring Kiril and Gormek with the ones you’ve already chosen. Frida and Magni would’ve been nice leaving Gormek and Kelile out, but they might not cope here.

Which heroes and what mats did you bring for your first try?

Yeah still some work to go for sure, surprised I have made it this far with nothing more than some minor healing or mana potions.
That is a good strategy / combination you’ve laid out to try and work with.

The team with Frida and Magni your talking about is what I often use for Raids, goes well, but Frida especially is a bit fragile yet for this stage.

First time around I went with Caedmon, Kelile, Gormek, Magni, Sabina and only took 2 x minor healing, minor mana, axes … fair to say I underestimated the level lol… killed O’Hare and about 1/2 on the other two.

Yeah the last stages really surprised me too, those bunnies hit hard…

With two healers you don’t have to worry about healing potions and can use the slots for other stuff. I usually bring arrows for blinding but had used them up and couldn’t be bothered farming for more (patience - no) before giving the final stage a go. Axes and bombs that I did aren’t the best combo but otherwise bring what you can!

Frida and Magni sounds like an awesome duo for raiding. Just love Fridas synergy with other blues. She’s in my favorite raiding team too, along with Grimm, Kunchen, Proteus and BT.

Good luck, fingers crossed for you!

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Damn that’s a good raiding team.

Got through it pretty comfortably next attempt, decided to take Wu Kong and Kiril… figures best way to win was to finish them quickly, hence Wu.

Used Bombs and arrows… took revive scrolls and miracle scroll. Only used 1 revive scroll… was planning to revive Wu 2-3 times as needed, but he survived the whole thing - thanks to 2 healers. Cheers for the tips

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Congrats, well done! Good on ya for going with Wu. I tend to forget what he can bring as I don’t have him (ate him during my first weeks of playing and never got him again despite 150+ summons).