Miracle scrolls - can they be used in later waves?

So question is basically in the title. If my heroes die during the monster waves in PvE, can I then resurrect them later during the boss battle?

I’m doing Springdale advanced, really need that tonic but ran in to serious trouble in stage 18 and think the two last ones will be too much for my 3500 team…

As far as I know, you can use it anytime, as long as at least one of your heroes is still alive. I found it best to use with two of my heroes left, when I tried to push it until I just had one left, the enemy would fire off specials and that was it.


Use it with a healer ready.


Many thanks!! I only have the one scroll so will definitely do it with two alive. Actually just managed stage 19 using only bombs and a couple of mana potions, but had good boards. Scroll comes with to final stage! Thanks again :slight_smile:

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@Olmor made an excellent point to remember, to either make sure you have a healer as one of them that’s still alive, with their special ready to fire, or have mana potions…they will be revived but with such low HP the first hit usually kills them again.


Yes will do. Have Kunchen at 4.25 and Boldtusk maxed with emblems with, accompanied by Elk, Leo and Frida (all stuck at 3.70 unfortunately). Might be able to push Kunchen another couple of levels before doing final stage.


There’s time…you’ll get it!


Biggest thing I would say is don’t waste a ton of mats if you’re not ready to beat Stage 20 today… You’ve got almost 2 weeks to work on your heroes. There’s plenty of time to make improvements instead of banging your head against a wall you can’t break down just yet.


Thanks, yes that is true in a way - I can still work on Kunchen and make him sturdier. The rest of the lot are either maxed or stuck though :/. My up and comings are all too squishy to bring - Elk and Leo still have better def and health than their almost maxed 4* cousins, and they have that self heal that is in fact awesome at times.

Will however work some more on Mr Vagabond before trying final stage. Battle items are not an issue, got plenty of crafting materials and iron. But Springvale sure is stingy with backpacks and wooden swords! Falling behind on my training camps, a break for farming is necessary.

Nope I lack patience and did the last stage anyways - came to boss arena with all five alive, lost the three hitters and resurrected them with Kunchen fully charged, then managed to take the bosses down using up every single item.

In hindsight, I should have brought Proteus instead of Leo but otherwise happy with the outcome. Big thanks for your help!


Always take Proteus to a boss battle… I take 2 of him!!


I’m totally with you! Thought him too squishy but I could’ve just let him go down first stage and then brought him back for the bosses. Lesson learned!

Time frame

Best use of time is farming ingredients for Battle items.

Unless you are spending gems, or hoarding finished heroes in your camps, it is really hard to level heroes or troops significantly during the event.


World energy is free. I have been known to use 120 energy on a stage just on the hope I can complete it due to RNG. This strategy only works if you can get to the Boss wave with 3-4 Heroes intact. Plus I usually run two strong healers.

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Yup realized that the maybe 2-3 extra levels I could put on Kunchen wouldn’t make much of a difference. I actually didn’t have to retry a single stage so there was no head banging (although last stage with the miracle scroll…).

Agree with you on farming to make battle items. I had a lot saved up, finished items too, planning for this event. Patience however I do not have… just enough to wait in the world energy, that’s it :>. But next time the dear ol’ protopod will come for sure!

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I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree on part of this. I agree that farming for mats and creating battle items is important - it’s always important. but you can improve a hero a great deal in 10 days. Maybe that makes a difference, maybe it doesn’t. but if you just have 4 camps on tc11 that is 48 feeder heroes a day in addition to whatever you get from farming. I think you could probably run Kunch from 4/22 to close to 4/40 or 4/50 in that time pretty easy.

And I guess I’m stingy with my world energy - I got queasy just thinking about using 120WE on a single stage. During Christmas I lost the first big Mother North stage (16 maybe?) and then didn’t work another event stage for 8 days while I ramped up 2 red heroes. Then came back, finished her off, then finished off the event.

Either way, I’m happy you got it done @Kitten!! There are a ton of different play styles and ways you can go about succeeding in this game! What works for me doesn’t work for others. The important thing is you found a way that worked for you! congrats!


Cleric needs food badly

5* heroes require a ton of food and Hero XP ( see Notes ). Probably better to concentrate on a high attack stat 4* hero for grave damage ( dead hero color stacking).


I agree it depends on you roster and play style.

My current hoard of food and Hero XP could level 3x 5* 1.1 all the way to 5* 4.80 in 1 day. But that is just because of my roster, summons RNG and play style.


([Research Math] Comparison of 1- 4 Extra low cost training [more math, some more math, Math Apocalypse])

( [Play style] When to level your first rainbow 5* team based on Hero XP from training camps, team depth, team versatility, war, and upcoming class update- Updated with food costs )

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I agree. That was just the hero she mentioned so I referenced him.

What you suggest (attacking 4*) is exactly what I did on Mother North back during Christmas. Held off about a week and Leveled up Guardian Falcon so that he could supply the elemental defense down I needed to let Marj and Scarlett clear the way.



Thanks @Sean949807! I first meant to take your advice, but I’m only on SH lvl 17 with three training camps - two lvl 11 that take two hours to spit out a 1* (I get about six 1* for every 2*…) and one lvl 8 for training with swords or backpacks. Not much saved up in the feeder department after having speed leveled Kelile, Proteus and Sumi for Teltoc :).

Kunchen get maybe one level in two days where I’m at now, I’m reluctant to give him off colour feeders as I’m working on several other heroes. Also, as a slow healer and already quite beefy, it might not have made that big a difference. But I’m internalizing all the good advice I get here - many thanks for your help!!

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Anyone beat stage 20 in Advanced mode?
Any strategy suggestions for which hero’s to take down first?

I failed on my first attempt, just deciding on hero’s and battle items (and energy to recharge) before trying again.