Miracle scroll not for all heroes

The miracle scroll says it is for ALL heros, but it is not. If your last hero dies it should automatically revive ALL heros and then ALL heros should get the 400 HP. But, if you don’t use it before your last hero dies you are dead. So really the Miracle scroll only revives 4 heroes and only gives those 4 heroes the HP.

It revives all DEAD heroes. If the raid is over, you can’t use items. There are no items in the game that trigger - every one of them has to be ‘used.’ That means you have to have an alive hero.


In the description of the item it should not say All heros then. That is a false description.

Edit: removed double negative.

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It DOES revive ‘all’ heroes. A hero that’s alive can’t be revived!!!

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I see what you are saying Description should read ALL DEAD

But the way the description reads is you should revive all of your heroes if all are dead

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This is my last comment. The description should say “Revives up to 4 heroes, then gives those revived 400 HP”

Maybe I’m just nitpicking but ALL sounds like it will auto when ALL(5) die.