Minor UI bug - Live


1.8.0 240 IOS

So this shouldn’t come up but it might be indicative of another problem.

You can pull up some information of any enemy by tapping on them; holding on it keeps the window up.

If you kill an enemy while holding the information window open, it automatically closes.

Where the bug occurs is in that time period where the enemy has been killed, but has not vanished off the screen (I think this also occurs on tile damage not getting 2x ghost mana when attacking as they theoretically should if the enemy is dead… apparently the falling body blocks more tiles or what not).

ANyway if you press it during this period where the enemy is fading out, the info screen comes back up, but once the enemy is gone if you stop holding it, the window stays until the round is finished (round finishing refreshes the screen on this one).

The picture was from killing the right most enemy and performing it as above (reproduced it). It does look similar to if I were holding down this on the left enemy; however, note the HP being at 0 which should demonstrate that wasn’t the case. This run was in 10-6 but I assume this will hold anywhere.