[minor] SIngle vs multiple attacks during the war --> score diff

Hello guys,

I think I’ve seen a lil bug during last War [1-2 August].

The thing is:
My teammate killed an opponent using 2 attacks. Then after the respawn I killed the same one w/ just one attack - the difference in the score was 1 point.
One point is not a big deal but IMO the amount of point for ‘turning the lights off’ to the opponent should be always the same, independent from num attacks taken.
My guess is that the difference comes from the way result for an attack [w/o kill] is rounded to integer.

Andrzej aka AnJ⁷³

Yep - it’s a rounding issue as you mention.

It’s possible your teammate would’ve scored 133.5 and 103.7 points - meaning he gets 134 and 104 from the two hits - for total 238. However, from your one hit, you get 237.2 - so just 237.

Happens often, and there is a thread or two on wanting this changed.

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