Minor enhancements to the recent activity log

  1. Remove empty rows like this one, those aren’t very useful

  2. Add wanted mission type (monsters, heroes with league, titans, elemental) to the chest loot description

  3. Add hero name to consumed emblems, like it works for consumed heroes

  4. How possibly is the 1* trainer a 3* rarity?

Relative to #1, I disagree. It shows that the titan reward was received, even if no rare or better loot was in it. Given the periodic problems with titan loot popups being missing, that’s very helpful.

I think #2 and #3 are great ideas.

On #4, for some reason, all trainers are considered worth showing. But that may be helpful to people wondering why a trainer has disappeared.


Another minor enhancement

Activity log should show trap tools x2 like titan screen does.

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Another one

It was a daily summon, activity log should say that


That looks like a bug to me.

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