Minor Display Issue with Farms – Windmill Blade Disappears When Farm is Near Screen Edge

While observing the animations around my base, I noticed that when a farm is on the border of my screen, its windmill flickers in and out. These three screenshots are taken in order. You can see the progress of the other windmills on the farms that are fully in the area of the screen. With the two farms to the lower left, the windmills abruptly disappear, and then just as abruptly reappear a few moments later, in their appropriate position. This happens twice per cycle as the windmill makes a full rotation.

If it matters, I’m playing on a Samsung S9+.

I’m sorry, I’m not seeing what you are referring to. I think you need @LadySuzanne on this. She’s the one with the eagle eye for buildings missing on the base.

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I can confirm I’m seeing the same thing on my iPad. It’s only the blades that disappear, not the entire building, and only when the blades are almost-but-not-quite off the screen.

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Here’s a demo

Watch left part of the screen.


Wow, that really does take an eagle eye. I’m lousy at those Can You Spot The Difference picture games :joy::rofl:

@princess1 you called? :rofl:

Yeah, I see what @Benn is describing. I’ve actually seen that before on my iPhone as well. Actually, I just noticed it after this last release, but that’s likely just a coincidence as humans tend to be more observant when they know things have changed.

When the graphic box for a moving building (windmill) is almost off the edge of the screen the system sometimes gets confused and the building disappears. This seems to be triggered by the windmill blades being in the position where 1 blade is disappearing and the other about to appear. I know we have trained developers on here so they’d be able to give an opinion as to why that happens better than I.

Regardless, the farm is technically still there and producing food. Highly doubtful the devs will look at this as it doesn’t affect gameplay. Well, at least no more than severely annoy those with OCD tendencies :rofl:


It was the same for me. I know it happens even when zoomed out, but I find it more noticeable when zoomed in further, and I feel like the latest release has also allowed a greater degree of zooming in.

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