[Minor Display Bug] War points and Riposte mutual destruction

[Minor Display Bug] War points and Riposte mutual destruction

An alliance fellow got a team kill with Riposte, however, her last hero died as Riposte took out the last hero on the war defense team ( mutual destruction ).

She got the correct points ( 33+ 33 bonus= 66 ) on the Attack Info menu. But the little floating pop up text said “You earned 33 points” ( not sure of the exact wording ).

She was quite annoyed, until I checked the hidden Attack Info menu ( please add a button for that ) and let her know she got the full credit.

This report is interesting because it’s not the way raids work. In raids, you have to have a hero left standing to claim victory; apparently in wars, the goal is just to slay the enemy.

My guess is that the bug is because of this difference in mechanics between raids and wars (wars clearly being based heavily on raid coding).


I think you have figured out where the program code went kablooey.

For standard ratings using Elo’s match, there is also the tie. Most F2P MMOs display it as a loss, but the standard is a tie counts as both a win and a loss for rating. So if the match is +18/ -43 for win/ loss, a tie would give you +18 and -43 for a change of -25 rating.

Do you know if Empires follows the tie standard?

No, you either win or lose raids (the only place Elo is used here). You have to have a living hero at the end to win. Ties are counted as losses.