Minor building bug


so my base is at lvl 16 but i never bothered to build my third forge. while i was upgrading a different building i clicked on the empty plot of land and it brought up the standard menu highlighting that the only thing i was allowed to build was another forge BUT the description of it said it was a training camp.
after whatever was being upgraded finished i checked again and the description correctly described a forge.
as i don’t need another forge i decided to see what would happen if i built it while the description said it was a training camp. (having a 4th camp running the TC13 would be awesome) so i opend the build menu right before another building finished upgrading then tried to build it. it still built the forge.

so the only gltich here is that the description is wrong WHILE something else us upgrading.
if theres any other info i need to provide let me know


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