Minor build request – add hammer symbol on building progress when there’s only one builder

Can we get hammer symbol next to builders when we only have one? If you have a second builder it will show (1/2 or 2/2). Right now i have bunch of production going on and it gets confusing when quickly checking in game status

I can’t remember from when I first started playing and didn’t have VIP what it looks like when a buldling is being upgraded and there’s only one builder.

Can you post a screenshot?

I cant upload images from my phone. It opens to select device or web. I select web, lets me type in address. I select phone, cant input ir select anything. Tried drag and drop but doesnt work on s8 galaxy.

Otherwise it just shows build tine with minor dust animation to simulate workers…

Weird, but I’m an iOS user, so I don’t know how the Android image selection/upload works. For me I just pick “Photo Library,” pick a photo, and it uploads.

In any event, it sounds like the dust animation and progress bar are the same, just minus the hammer. So that does seem like a great addition for clarity.

There was no option for a second builder when the game was first released, so I’m guessing the hammer icon was added as part of that feature, and apparently just never updated on the existing single builder.

I gotcha. Its nothing major, just a little confusing at a glance if u have production or training going on right next door.

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Still doesn’t work. Says upmiad from phone. Below in text bix says select file and next to it says no file selected. Below that says u can drag and drop. Dont know, maybe my phone settings

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