"minor" alteration to titan loot


i’m not asking you to increase the ascension items drop rates or anything (though feel free to). all i’m suggesting is that the loot tables ought to change a little bit. after a certain tier of titan, some things should be removed from the tables. at the point where i’m fighting 5 and 6* titans is it really necessary to still be getting minor healing potions and rugged clothes? (i have over 200 minor potions that i never use and over 1000 rugged clothes)
again, not saying it has to be all ascension items and gold tokens, but getting minor healing potions, rugged clothes and basic herbs just seems silly and pointless at that level.


Got 5500 rugged cloths and training manuals. I think those common materials that drop are just there instead of nothing. So it looks like you got something, when in fact you didn’t :slight_smile:


Again, second time in a row I get a minor heal potion and 1 freaking arrow for being A+ on a 5*.
I get that sometimes you get poop and sometimes you get good drops but that’s just ridiculous.


this is fraude on the part of game developers !!! we are forced to buy !!!


I agree reg get A or A+ in titan battles but the loot is crap I still need traps,compass , shields , bloody mana balls so can upgrade team im now stuck in a rut cos I’m just not getting any as rewards I would also like to ask the same for the same for raid as well as only getting what I’d call begginers rewards nothing to help a more powerful team


Pay and play! :wink: if Y need anyth, Y have to bay it!


i’m afraid i don’t catch your meaning.
i can only assume your implying that i should have to pay for things for some reason. what i’m talking about has nothing to do with whether you pay or not. its a game mechanic that is similar to most every RPG in history- when you start fighting tougher enemies they start dropping better items.
as i stated i’m not expecting them to start dropping more ascension items (nice, but not expected) it would just make sense that by the time you are hitting 5* that minor potions should maybe be replaced with standard or potent potions or slightly better ingredients.


I’m in a top 10 alliance dropping 10* titans regularly. There are lots of rare ascension materials every day among the 30 of us, but my odds of getting a rare mat on any given day is less than 50%. The loot tiers have progressively better odds of getting good loot, but there is never a guarantee that you’ll get non-farmable items.


Rugged clothes are needed for TC lvl 19 Extra Fast training. I’d love to have your 5500 rugged clothes.


I’m not even looking for guaranteed non-farmables… Or even better chances for them. I’m just saying that at the point where your taking 4&5* Titans, minor healing potions, and the like, are useless, and if you did need some, you probably have 1000 of them.
Up the pool on those basic items. There’s all I’m saying.


I’m taking 7&8* titans and I still appreciate the minor healing potions and the like. Sue me.


Don’t you have thousands of the common herbs? I could build a village from mine (3006 herbs, 508 minor healing potions, haven’t use one in forever).

Also, rugged clothes are useful in TC19, sure, but each one costs also 55,000 food. So you’d need to have 302 millions of food to actually use these 5500 of them.


So I’ve learned something. I don’t have TC19 yet. Guess someone should fix the cost for ‘Extra fast’ on https://sites.google.com/site/empiresandpuzzlesrpgwiki/intro/base/training-camps/training-costs

I still think though it’s likely that at some point I’ll need more rugged clothes instead of less. I am sometimes using minor healing potions.

And in the end it’s free, why does it bother anyone, and why are you so sure nobody needs them?


5.5k not 55k food…


Really? Then I got trolled by another chart someone made saying it was 55k :smiley: It did seem excessive, but I figured they know best. Pardon :smiley: I don’t have TC19 yet either.

In that case, whoever made this should introduce fix: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/19fcmMLrBiXLt0rhnUXE68ONZIPorWS5qUXdKCm-0br4/edit#gid=1284949725


It also has wrong food for tc 20. It is 297k not 300k


You can’t overuse TC19 just because that literally eat all of your recruits.
I was thinking of use it everytime in the beginning, but you can use it only sometimes.

You never use that much rugged clothes.
Maybe only lv 40-42+ can.


Yeah i know. But foodwise it is a bit expensive considering only 1* heroes


7*, 8* titas, always B position - and NOTHING!!!


I’d have thought by the time someone reaches TC19 they could be rewarded with a fast training that gives 1 and 2 stars…