Minor Adjustment to Hero Powers


C’mon is this discussion any interesting or important? Does this thread still deserve to be open? Do we have to read this kind of conversation every day?
Each 10 topics I read, at least 2 end up becoming a personal dialogue between Brobb and somebody else. Can’t mods do something?


I’m tempted to bow but I shan’t. I have been playing for a long time and I have participated in this forum for almost as long, but this certainly does not mean that I know a lot about the game. Some players are excellent data collectors and analysts who derive serious insights (I’m not really one of them) but even their work should be treated with a little bit of scepticism.

To understand how the game works we always need to start with what SG staff have told us. It’s not that hard - they don’t exactly swamp us with their chatter.


i’m just drinking coffee, eating cheese (I finished my crêpes) and chatting. Join in!


As you can see I’m still a noob, only been around less than 4 months. Still trying to learn about the game, i do enjoy the diversity of the players from different part of the world. Hence my comment about American centric.


Then chat about the topic subject! I don’t mind joining for a game conversation. This is childish arguing.


There are certainly plenty of Americans here in the forum, but I don’t think they dominate the culture. I think the Euro contingent is just as strong. We definitely miss out on contributors from Africa, Asia and Oceania, but I guess language might be the main reason for that.


Back to the subject, as a newish player, I would like to reach certain milestone in the game and TP is one of them, if was to spends months reaching the 4000 mark then the Devs change the goal post to reach that milestone then I would be upset. I thought the logical conclusion would is to raise the 4* power instead of dropping 5* powers. If you have reach that goal of TP 4000, when the update came and you’re suddenly below that mark i’m Sure you will be pretty upset. Like shopping looks greater value if a can of drink is € 4.99 than € 5.00. Human nature.


Conversations evolve over time. Don’t worry: when they drift waaaaay off track then the mods do tend to shut things down.

“Childish arguing” might be an unfair characterisation of proceedings. You’ll recall that @Ozy1 came here with what seemed to be a passionate objection to the change to the power metric, based on a perceived change to the actual strength of heroes, or the impact of the change on raid matchmaking. I think that objection was just based on a misunderstanding and they have now corrected their understanding, but they seem to insist that this is not the case.

If @Ozy1 still has some objection to the change to the power metric revolving around hero strength or raid matching then I think it’s reasonable to try to figure out what that is. You’re welcome to read and/or contribute, but you don’t have to.



Feels like you’re needed here…



I don’t understand why that would upset players. Any TP goal would be completely arbitrary anyway. Why 4000 and not 4012? Because 4000 is a round number? That’s just silly, isn’t it?

So if the TP calculation methodology changes, why don’t players just change their arbitrary TP goal? If it was 4000, make it 3900 - doesn’t this solve the problem?

The most convincing argument, I think, is the counterfactual. What if the change had been made exactly as it has, except the new power numbers were increased by a factor of 10. So a player with original TP of 4000 would have new TP of, say, 39580. Would players really have been delighted that overnight their TP had rocketed up? Surely not. I hope players are smarter than that.


It’s psychological, just like the Stockmarket, it not 4012 or 4005, but the magical mark 4000.


I hope we’re now a lot better than that with respect to the stock market. Index milestones are only of interest to reporters looking for an easy headline.


Human beings are strange, Metric powers does not affect the strength of the heroes, but I can tell you people would drive 20km to buy petrol because the petrol station there is 10 cent cheaper per Litre.


People are certainly irrational. I don’t think we should pander to that irrationality. I think we should encourage rational thinking.

I acknowledge that there is a reasonable argument that says we should tweak our metrics to make everyone feel better. I’d prefer a bit more education.


The world is still flat, don’t you try to tell me it’s not.


Is this like old Coke vs New Coke .?


Golden cerimonial sword (former team power): it’s beautiful
Iron sword (tweaked team power): it’s pratical

The choice is between having a fancy weapon and a pratical one and while one could find the first to be the desired weapon this is not true for peoples who actually want to have good pairings.



Beautifully succinct. 485 posts condensed into 4 picture.


I think by this point this thread has served its purpose & given the answers to those who seek them. :slightly_smiling_face:

Please feel free to start a new thread if you want to discuss the Adjustment to Hero Powers more, but always remember to keep the conversation civil, on the topic and in all ways respectful towards everyone here on the Forum. Always good to go and revisit the Forum Rules.

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