Minor Adjustment to Hero Powers

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My point about maxed 5 stars not being properly weighed is more aimed at the uses on defense as too many people think of AW in terms of attacking and bench depth and don’t stop to think of the impact defenses have on AW. I don’t believe the gap between a maxed 4 star vs a maxed 5 is 100 TP and you can definitely see that if you fight a team of 80’s vs a team of 70’s , 500 TP isn’t a true reflection of that.
All these TP changes have actually lowered TP which translates to very small gaps all around. We should have seen an increase in TP over a decrease to show more gap in true TP.
I don’t believe these changes leave enough gaps to match properly.


A modest proposal: once an ELO system is implemented for AW matchmaking, perhaps the best course of action would be to remove the hero/team power metrics from the game entirely.


Will there be any new reforms? Do we have to withdraw from the Kingdom sadly because of the actions taken by the developers with the injustice of the players? Five friends left the coalition because of the lack of strength of their team and most of the coalition will leave. Why is this because we loved this kingdom? Respect and our team after updating all of us does not want to get this thing Is there will be a solution to this issue or we will leave the Kingdom sadly

The actual effectiveness of the teams didn’t change— all that changed was the “power level” which is designed to provide an indication of effectiveness.

It’s not that the heroes became less powerful— it’s that their posted power levels are (hopefully) more realistic and useful than they were before.

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Your 5 friends took that as an excuse and left as team power isn’t affecting hero’s strength.


@Kossay the strenght of your heroes is exactly the same as before it is only a cosmetic change of the number of team power.

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People have the right to leave the game wherever they want, of course.

Sorry to saying this, but out of the many reasons they can pick to withdraw, this one is kinda weak.

Like stopping playing football because the ball is not round shaped.


I dont see a real difference after that change.

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We put in hours a day to get our teams to the level they were and y’all just take it away with a keystroke. Is it y’alls goal to lose players because that is what is going to happen. I am very disappointed with the developers for this very poor decision.

What exactly was taken away?

Before you complain about it, better learn what this change means. NOTHING changes in your heroes usability or power, team power is just a number.

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Your team is just as strong as it was when you went to bed last night…your heroes stats are the same, nothing got nerfed…they just changed the power number which doesn’t affect your heroes effectiveness at all

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… and please set a descriptive title/topic, or at least mention what it’s actually about in your post! ;D

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Reading comprehension is your friend. Before everyone rage quits, please review what is actually happening in terms of hero power.

Team power is not the be all, end all everyone makes it out to be anyway so please don’t use that as a measure of how good/bad a team you have.


I just knew when I got up and read the power adjustment note that the first thing I would find on this forum would be someone irrationally complaining. I was not disappointed!


Lol read in or out of context the OP could apply to a lot of things hey.

Any time there’s an update people are up in arms. I’m waiting for the day an update comes out where SGG gives a free 5* hero and people complain it’s not fair.


My team power totally have dropped by almost 100 points.

They could have done the other way around raising heroes levels, instead of lowering them.

I’m not sure if those that are now complaining would have rejoyced or they would have start complaining about some other “injustice”.