Minor Adjustment to Hero Powers

We are planning to make a small adjustment to the way we calculate Hero Powers. As you may know, we give a small bonus in the power based on the rarity of the hero. We do this to reflect the fact that the specials of the rarer heroes tend to be more powerful.

In version 15.1, we are planning to lower this bonus slightly. For example, the power of Epic heroes would decrease by 30 and the power of Legendary heroes would decrease by 43. In practice, this means that the Hero Power of a fully upgraded Legendary could, for example, decrease from 777 to 734.

Please note that this change would only affect the numerical values of Hero Power. The actual effectiveness of the heroes would be completely unaffected.

The motivation for this change is to make the Hero Power reflect the actual power of the heroes more closely, especially when dealing with heroes that have not been levelled up yet. We hope this change would make it easier to gauge the power of your potential opponent, as well as improve the matchmaking for Alliance Wars.

It is worth noting that the change would affect Team Power too. In practice, the Team Power of one of the top players could, for example, drop from 4200 to 3985. Again, the actual strength of the team would be unaffected.

What do you think?

  • Make sense! Let’s do it.
  • Please don’t do it.
  • I don’t care.

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if it’s just cosmetic then imo that’s resources that could be used elsewhere more effectively, so hopefully it’s just a small bit of tinkering.

I’d rather you spent that time improving the crappy 5 star heroes like thorne, elk, kaidelen, etc.


This will very much help with clarity of the actual useable power. I’ve seen it time and time again of new players being misinformed on what hero powers actually are - not accurate.

Seems like it would be quick and easy enough to change, but quick question, aren’t there a lot less 3* than 5*? Why not bring the hero power up from the bottom?

I think there would be less gripe and turmoil from the masses this way too.


Excellent! I’ve been preaching to my alliance for a while that “Power” is not the be-all / end-all in determining effectiveness. Many 5-stars at tier 3 level 70 have higher “power” than a maxed out 4-star, but unless the special skill is really good the 4-star is usually a better way to go.

This change is a step in the right direction, though I’m thinking the reductions may not be enough. I know it’s hard to determine a consistent kind of power value for all the varied special skills.


Since team power is used for war matching, this will make much better and fairer war matches, especially for alliances like mine full of members with partially leveled 5* heroes in many of our members rosters.

Thank you!!!


This! This! 20 characters of this!


@mhalttu - could you please explain in a bit more detail how this will affect alliance war matching and especially how it will improve matching? I’m afraid it seems just cosmetic and will not make any difference at all.


The new (and more accurate) numerical value will be a good news.
The more team power will be accurate and the more war’s matchmaking will be fair, right?



Notice Kiril level 1, 332 power with less health, attack and defense than Layla at 327 power. Now add the fact that 35 of Layla’s power points came from her leveled up special skill and you can see the current problem.

That’s not cosmetic. The power rating has never made sense. Currently a 645 4* hero is roughly as powerful as a 690 5* hero. Making the hero power linear and proportional is what I have been suggesting to help fix AW matchmaking for months.


But if I understood @mhalttu correctly, they are bringing down the power of the heroes, based on their rarity, his examples are legendary and epic heroes. I understand it to mean the power of these will go down - that would make them even closer in numerical power to the lower heroes, without changing their actual strength. So a fully leveled 4* would have 616 power instead of 646, but the 3* are still worth 435? Wouldn’t that just give even more powerful opponents, because the numbers get closer? Or if the 3* also have their numbers moved down - then where is the difference? What am I missing?
I can see the problem - I don’t see how this change will fix it.

This is why I asked for a more detailed explanation how it will affect matching.

Maybe we need someone better at numbers than I am… @Brobb - what do you think of this?


@Witch Because they are overrated at the moment. Look at the pics I posted. 4 and 5 star hero power ratings are inflated. They don’t make sense. A 433 Isshtak is roughly as powerful as a 465 Little John. This especially helps alliances with less leveled benches that may have several 400 range level one 5 star heroes being counted in the top 30. I would take a Max 3 star over a 1 30 5 star 7 days a week.

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As stated, I can see the problem. I don’t see clearly how it is being fixed.


I am a little confused. If the power rating for “monster” heros is reduced, wouldn’t that mean that in the war matching process my rag-tag alliance will begin seeing enemy alliances with more elite heros? If I am correct, then my alliance is screwed and will never see a war chest.


Which is why we need a clearer explanation of how this is going to help in matchmaking.

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No. Look a 4 70 4 star is roughly 645 power rating and a 3 70 5 star is roughly 690 power rating. A 4 70 4 star is statistically as strong or slightly stronger than a 3 70 5 star. The 45 points screw up matchmaking.

I’ve tried to explain this twice. You and @Wearybear both have your math reversed. It works the opposite way you think it does.

Well, maybe you aren’t explaining very well.

as per @mhalttu the 4* will go down to 615 power rating and the 5* will go down to 645 in your example. How does this help the matchmaking?


Matchmaking is done summing the power of the 30 strongest heros from each member of the Alliance. If a player starting today buy a lot of heros and now has 15 5* at lvl 1, he will be matched like someone with 15 4* at 2/50, and we know that the second one is a lot stronger in wars. F2Ps with a fully leveled 4* team usually don’t have 15 heros to use. So the currently system punish Alliances with many p2w players in the first months.


I think I will just wait for Brobb to come in and save the day. (Start flashing Brobb signal into the sky.)


No the 4 star will go down to 615 and the five star will drop to 657. Still not completely ideal but it will really help lower alliances that have unleveled 5 stars being ranked above leveled 3 stars in matchmaking which is why I showed the difference between 2 star and 4 star. I don’t have a fresh 5 star to make the example with but it holds true at that level.

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