Minions - can they hit faster, please?

I know it’s a corner case but I can’t imagine this would take much.

I’m always bringing Delilah to the daily grind and I find myself on many occasions with 2-3 minions over every hero. Waiting for them minions to finish their attack is tedious to say the least. One second matching, 3-4 seconds waiting for minions.


While it has not been explicitly stated, I believe the minion attack time is an intentional limit the effectiveness of these heroes in titan attacks.

@Petri, @mhalttu, If this is not the case, I heartily second the OP’s request. It is not just annoying but makes Delilah difficult to bring to a titan fight. If all the minions could fire at once, that would be super cool.

Yeah, her being my only leveled enough healer makes it take precious time in titan battles. And, the damage is mediocre, to say the least, to be a factor.