Minions Attacks

When the opponent has minions, I can see each minion attack against my heroes; when I have minions, I can’t see their attack against the opponent’s heroes. Why?

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Interesting as I see each minion hit for both sides. Any chance you’ve got a video?

Unfortunately, I’m not that savvy re video; but, when I’m attacked I can see the ‘points loss’ against my heroes, but, not the other way, unless it’s too fast for my eyes; I am 70…


Everything happens too fast that I can’t blame you missing the hits caused by your minions to the enemies. But if you try to observe more closely, the enemies do really incur damage caused by your minions. Not much but it’s there.

For you to validate it, try downloading DU Recorder. It is a free app downloadable from Google Play. Friendly to use. Please also be reminded that one can only post videos here in the forum if the video saved is first uploaded to certain web hosts, i.e. YouTube, etc. You only need the link of the uploaded video to be posted and viewed here in the forum.

All I know is they seem to attack my Lord Loki more than others :rofl:

Yep, @Ultra is right. I regularly use Delilah when farming, and it can be pretty tricky to catch the minion hits. Best way is to fully load up on the minions (3 per hero), then it’s a bit easier to see the hits and their corresponding damage. Even though it’s still pretty fast, you could give that a try. Good luck and happy hunting.

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Thank you for your help and suggestion re DU Recorder. Will download.

Thank you all for your help and advice.

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