Minions Are tooooooo Slow (Waste time / slow game down)

So against a better judgement, I brought delilah to titans fight today, despite things might get laggy with minions. The first two attack were okay, boards are scarce with yellow and she only manage to cast one or less layer of minion. Hoever, the third attack I got quite lucky with yellows and manage to cast 3 layers of minions. When that happened, I realized, how laggy it became for me to continue play. To devs, please speed up the minions attack or use precalculate attack on foe like other legendary for example joon lianna etc so we can move on to move tile while the animation being animated.


Hey Koko. this is an old issue which devs did not adjust (or did not care)

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@Sorsha I think at some point they fixed up hoods minion, instead heal one by one, her minions heal all simultaneous ly? Its just delilah they dont fix.

Delilah is great but it is exasperating, it makes her completely useless in the titans, and in the assaults she gets on my nerves. It’s definitely something that should be fixed

There was another thread that the speed of the minions increased for a while (which I can confirm) but now we are back to roots :frowning:
I also personally think that minions are as a Special skill and should not block the board.

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Telluria got balanced, thank you for that.

Now for the real problem:

-The chain of time consuming animations tics, trics and untalented dance numbers before Telluria is done/finished every turn!..

Yes this game is (supposedly) based on luck and if you get a bad board you will fail no matter what… its just if you get a bad board vs a Tellurianoob its elongated, stretched out and such a fwording bu-fu-word!..

Its not only a specialskill startup ritual, its an impact with thorns and s-word, its the spawning of all them minions, its a half-a-second wait for the minions to land, its a waiting for each snd every stinking minions to deliver one punch each… its wait-wait-wait-wait-wait-wait… and if its at the same time a downhill Bu-fu-word with an elongated defeat 2mins later THIS IS THE STUFF that breaks phones and cultivates anger management issues!..

Fix this!!, Fix this!!, Fix this!!, Fix this!!, Fix this!!!

And ofcourse it would be less of a problem if 95% of every raid wasnt vs a TELLURIA!..

It’s only ‘time consuming’ during titan attacks, and if you’re really, really pushing for the top times in challenge events. Otherwise, you’ve got all the time in the world.

Also, when it comes down to it, you can set other things off while Telly’s animation is rolling. Otherwise, this is just how the game works. You get a turn, they get a turn, rinse, repeat.


It still is a problem for titans though. I tried Telluria vs a titan for 6 attacks since we were gonna let the one after go anyway. I will never ever add her again.

I have noticed a difference in timing. I don’t mind the minions if they are fast. Against Blue Titans I use Buddy (b/c he’s one of my stronger Greens and debuffs) and Lady of the Lake b/c her minions actually take mana away so it can’t use it’s special (which usually takes far more time than a regular attack).

I’ve noticed that there is a delay when one of the swords attacks compared to one of the elves.

As expected there’s a thread about this already. Even forgetting the slow down againts titans or wars where time is precious the animation itself is really annoying. The experience is ruined because one just can’t move on with the game. That cascade effect of the minions slogs the whole thing down. I’m starting to avoid raids with minion tanks more because of this than because I’m afraid to lose. It’s really bad user experience design.

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