Minions Are tooooooo Slow (Waste time / slow game down)

Redhood is my first minions hero. When her minions are out against titans, their healing animation pauses the battle for a second or so in which the titan waits for the animation to finish while the timer still goes.

This happens every turn, regardless if the titan was stunned or not. It wastes a total of 10 to 20 seconds of the battle if the minions are alive from the start.

I think the same thing with Delilah and thoth?

Please look into it. Either pause the timer during it or cancel the waiting time.
I am considering removing her from my team and i dont want to :frowning:


I don’t think anyone uses heroes that cast minions for that reason. Time is of the essence with Titans and Challenge events.


That’s why people don’t use minion heroes against Titans. Each hero has a best use, and this is an example.


Red Hood is actually the least-horrid of the minion-summoners. She was simply unusable originally in beta, with each little fox doing his swirl in turn. The current team-swirl is a huge improvement but still unacceptably slow for competitive play. Delilah and Thoth minions still fire one at a time.

Leave Red, Delilah and Thoth home against titans and in challenge events.


You can already do actions while long animation specials are firing and the fight is never paused. Why it cant be the same with minions?
I don’t see this issue with anyone else. There are only three minion based heros please dont make them worse.

Thank you all btw :slight_smile:

Hey all,
but basically Star150m is right. I also recognized this. Even if we are not talking about heroes with minions, some special skills take longer to cast than others. E.g. Gormeks attack is really fast in comparison to Richards or Justice. This should not have any influence on the Titan timer…even if we are talking about milliseconds. From my side the devs should take this into account for next update. No Special skill attack (so also minions) shall disadvantage the caster.


I still use Delilah extensively due to bad luck with 4* heroes I have and therefore I strongly second the OP.

3-4 second animations for 5x3 minions is way too much.


Yes, definitely true for other “minion” heroes, as others have said. Delilah is my only 5* hero, so I still end up using her against the titan pretty frequently, and it is annoying to watch precious seconds tick by while each little minion fires separately.


Agreed. Most specials, though, even those flashy ones like Richard’s or Justice’s, allow you to keep manipulating tiles. It’s harder because of the bright graphics overlaid on the board (esp. Zeline and Arthur), but it’s possible. The gripe about minions comes because (a) you can’t manipulate tiles while the minions are doing their thing and (b) it happens every turn, not just when cast.


Minions animations are annoying at any time, with titans it is absurd. Even if they want to burden these kinds of heroes with this penalty, they can speed them up and allow tile manipulation as its happening.

I live redhood, but I don’t bring her out much for any adventures because of the animations.


I find wilburs animation to be annoying. Can’t see the tiles I want to play for a couple seconds.

I need to start memorizing what I want to play before firing his special.


Same for Aerons special. It fills wole screen and I cannot see anything :frowning:

…and Zeline and Arthur and …

They need to turn down the opacity of the animations.

One of the things I love about Grimm is that he fires with no fuss, no muss. The first time you cast a 5* special the animations are cool, but in any timed battle these animations create a tangible penalty.


Yeah. Tried to remember but I think none of my 5*s fire as fast as e.g. Grimm. All got those animations that take so long…the circle with different symbols in it.

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Even some 4* are a bit hobbled by animation delays. Jackal, Triton and Wilbur come to mind.

All the hero animations you can at least manipulate the tiles. The minion animations dont allow you to. While a bit annoying, with practice you can get to the point of doing matches while the hero animation is happening…no such luck for minions


Has anyone created a spreadsheet to show how much time each minion hero costs? Like… Does Sheshat’s 3 minions take as long as Buddy’s 9 minions or Inari’s 5 minions?

Each minion (I believe) takes the same time to execute it’s action.

But to answer your question, no such sheet/ list exists

More minions are being introduced now, some are good against titans like inari and queen of hearts.
I have videos i can share in Line add me up @TheBully :slight_smile:
Line id: star150m
I hope to hear from you again, bully

I was also wondering why nobody noticed this on the forum, but I was wrong.

I noticed the same delay when firing Buddy too often on titans. The delay seems to be quite long when you reach 6/9 minions. :confused:

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