Minions and pre-existing status effects

One thing I don’t think is right about the design of these minions is that they can take the damage from the pre-existing status effects.

It’s one thing if you case, say, Gravemaker when there are already minions in play. Sure, they need to burn first.

But what if you have Mother North poisoned? Her special casts afterward, and boom… minions… she’s poisoned but then they take all of the damage?

That doesn’t seem right.

This is an interesting take. To take your GM example even further, could there be a mechanic implemented to interact with minions more? For instance, let’s say GM hits MN with two minions up. Could the burn damage be split evenly across the minions and MN? Could the burn damage just be applied to the oldest minion and then that’s it?

Or perhaps the mechanic is as simple as all DoTs ignore minions (whether summoned before or after)?

I’m picturing some MTG mechanics like trample and fireball. I think that troop damage, and even some special skill damage makes sense to work like trample, where overkill on minions spills onto the hero. But for a DoT, the amount of damage should be reduced if the number of targets is increased. Minions aren’t heroes, but they’re not troops, either. Are they 1/1 token creatures or +1/+1 counters?

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Love the MTG reference. I view them as 1/1 creatures. Because they can have special, independent abilities. I don’t think SG should extend the target mechanism to minions but I see where you are going.

Furthermore, i think these are 1/1 “assigned blockers” for each hero, so they would effectively be pawns.

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(teasing ) Obviously the minions suck the poison out.

(seriously) How is this different from her Healing 30% but leaving the DOT ?

(realistically) Are we really arguing about magic powerful enough to create life itself?


Empire’s No Prize

Elsa and Olaf



I guess if magic is powerful to create life itself was the meta, sure. Still think Its a broken mechanic :slight_smile:

If we want to discuss magic meta, most magic theories involve concentration or semantic components to cast a spell. Nothing would break my concentration or getting through semantic components more than BEING SET ON FIRE… I mean, surely, if it hit a mage during casting— even an archmagus— it should slow them down at least.

Have you seen some of the wizard training montages?

( Cheesy Yoda voice) Blood curdled it will.

Current justifications of magic argue the spell is pre cast, using an nth dimension construct, harnessing a magical fauna or flora, etc.

This gets around the law of conservation of energy and the relatively small storage of energy in our body ( compare 1 kilo of fat to 1 kilo of gasoline).

The mage premakes the magical gun/ wand, loads it with magical bullets/ charges, and just has to pull the trigger.

In mana based system it is similar to a matchlock rifle, that needs a small fire to fire each magical bullet even though the magical charge and magical bullet are premade.

Yea that should be fixed

Hero’s buffs &/or ailments shouldn’t just change due to minion summons unless it’s part of the summoner’s special skill

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