Minion vs DOT

  1. Does minion damaged by DOT?
  2. Does minion reduce DOT damage?

I recently use Proteus’s skill on Rigard with 2 minions from Buddy, when the poison took effect it instantly kill 2 minions and damage Rigard with the DOT (unreduced), is it the correct interaction between minion and DOT?



Minions just serves and act as additional health and they take any damage before the health pool would, after the damage calculation on targets.


So if Proteus DOT is 121 per turn, minion health is 80, the minion will die, but the hero still get damaged 121 points instead of 41 (121-80)?

No, just 41, take the minion as additional health.


What @vanZille said…

That’s weird, I believe I saw the minion went down at the same time the DOT hit 121 damage… They were not hit by any other attack… I don’t know though whether Rigard’s HP were reduced by 121 as is displayed in the visual or not, maybe 121 is the total damage received between him and the minions.

Anyway, thanks for the information, I will pay close attention next time when I face minions with my Proteus so I can be sure my eyes don’t trick me.

It is total damage displayed.

Your eyes will trick you so use screencasting or screenshots to double check your eyes.


The xmas minions are not more than an additional meatshield with minor attack, like pinpricks of about 30 per minion against blue and 5 against red from a maxed hero.

DoT will whittle down the minions first without touching the the heroes life. After the minions were eliminated the hero will take damage.