Minion Makers - Minion Destroyers

I think we could use some minion makers and minion destroyers at certain levels

Let me explain.
Tier 3 minion makers - Kvasir, Rudolph, Frosty
Tier 3 minion destroyers - none

Tier 4 minion makers - Buddy <why wasn’t Carol given minions>
Tier 4 minion destroyers - Gobbler - Captain of Diamonds.

Tier 5 minion makers - looking at this list at least 23

Tier 5 minion destroyers - 3

There may be others. But so many minion makers at Tier 3 and no destroyers?
Kvasir is very difficult to counter in tournaments once he gets on a roll. When he is on defense, he seems to fire before you can charge yours and then on offense he is useless.

I don’t really bring my Captain of Diamonds out for Tier 5 fights.
You have 20+ minion makers at Tier 5, but only 1 at Tier 4, ALSO only 3 minion destroyers at tier 5?

This seems to be a disconnect?
Can you release a couple minion destroyers or preventers at Tier 3.
Some minion makers at Tier 4
More minion destroyers at Tier 5

What do you all think?

Tier 4 you forgot c gormek for minion destroyers


Any hero that does damage is a potential minion destroyer. As are tiles. :wink:


Yeah the lack of 3* would bee nice to have one.

Also here another thread…

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just remember than Kvasir also is a minion preventer when an enemy is hit by one of its minion. It is fun to use him in some alliances war

3* minions are weak and easy to kill, specially if you compare it to 5* minions

What about fiends destroyers? if I am not mistaken they only go away by stealing your health


Fiends can be pushed out by minions but
need 3 to get rid of it.
I would hope somthing is made for fiends my guess would be a season 4 hero in the future sometime.


doable but you probably have to have a some minions already, save your minion generator after you get a fiend or wait a while which a that point you probably heal it away

it make sense, season 4 introduce them so it should be a few heroes to get rid of them or a HOTM


Minion and fiend eaters at any tier they are present.

One of my alliance members mentioned that if you take Vollermork to a no heal tourney, his fiend will just do damage for the entire match. Generally speaking, I find most of those matches end quickly because it is easier to max out a tier 3.

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can someone help me out and explain to me why is everyone interested in minions and fiends?
also what is the difference between both?

after the release if Devana, i have seen a lot of comments about pairing her with Freya and Frosth for the minions and minion boosting etc etc and i dont understand the excitement

Minions help you. Fiends hurt you. The opposite applies if they’re on enemy heroes.

I first liked minions for two reasons. One it’s basically an overheal. A regular healer like Melendor isn’t as effective if heroes are at full strength. Two, they do a little bit of damage. In map stages this is helpful to clear low hp enemies in the corner.

Freya has enhanced this. Fast speed, defense up, and minion is great for auto playing levels. Her minions boost attack of other minions so if I can get a full set on each hero the tiles don’t matter and auto play minions clear the level for me. Plus the meat shield saves me against harder bosses.

Fiends are similar. If I apply one to an enemy, they take constant damage without me worrying about tiles. The longer the battle the greater the ROI of a fiend.

I’d say fiends that solely do damage are a bit overrated as I’d rather have the straight damage more often. But they do also act as a healing block. And fiends that add a status defect are just another way of adding a status effect to enemies that can be indefinite.

As for the combo of heroes…Devana has the best minion in the game (aka biggest). So buffing it with freya or frosth just makes it better.


thank you so much for this detailed and clear explanation.
i understand better all the interest in them now. :pray:t2:

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All I want to add is why Carol minionless? I would say Jack is better too in terms of special, at least he delivers some direct damage. End of rant.

I don’t use jack but I heard that if you kill the target, you don’t get to explode the splash damage. Which in some way is worse

from my experience, you do dmg nearby, if you kill target with bomb on it

No, that’s the initial hit. If the initial bomb damage kills the target, it doesn’t plant the bomb and thus no bomb damage

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ah, understood you wrong first time