MINION MADNESS IS HERE! Are you Ready for it?

Noor is about to bring peace to the minion madness, i’m quite liking her


Are we allowed to like Noor now? It’s hard to keep track. Think I’ll leave it another month to make sure.


It’s still not totally safe so keep your mask on any time you interact with others in liking Noor together


OLMOR!!! That is sick ha ha ha. I love it, its the way to do it. You have an amazing MINION MADNESS TEAM!!!

Comment made on your YT site! See you soon Olmor! Keep up the killer minioning :slight_smile:

Noor: Just had this feeling she was the game changer somehow… not sure what path I’m going with her yet, not as ‘certain’ as I was before lol, soon as the uncertainty begins to creep in I simply drop & walk away. @Ebonest - so keep me noticed bro.

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This team can auto ToL too.
But much harder and longer.


Impressive! That was somewhat more tense to watch from your other autoplays. They hit harder and the autoattacks kept clearing the sword minions.

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I keep meaning to ask - what is the song for this? Love your minion team!

Sorry, I can’t find the tune in my 1000s of tracks and don’t remember neither name nor artist.

My crazy minion squad just autofarmed a tome in Farholme.


Have you tried this team on defense? Intriguing!

2nd LotL and Freya aren’t maxed.

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I noted in the Challenge event that Captain of Diamonds destroyed EVERY minion I had (25 in fact every time) - thus I stopped taking in the Summoners LOL and went mono red


I’ve been holding out on giving my goat man tabbards forever but I’m gonna ascend him without regrets soon!! (As soon as I max my Cyprian hahaha)

He’s really an awesome anti-minion solution. Especially with Tell messing with my mana gen, it’s so game changing to have another source of mana at my fingertips!

Been using him a lot more at 3.70 in my raids, and man he’s saved my raids more than a few times! Check out this one against a 4600TP+ GTV team (You can scroll forward to around 2:15 and see the HUGE amount of mana I got from Goat eating two Tell specials worth of minions :laughing:) My starting board literally had 2 red tiles too, goat really turned this one around. Super late to this thread haha but this is awesome. (I don’t have gobbler or captain of diamonds but I’ll be sure to keep them if I ever luck upon them! :smile:)


Shiloh on auto, too…

ToL autofarmed:

The AI needed 13 minutes for the bosses and free S1 food from the crap gate… What else? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I always felt my offensive minions are soft because of the defensive stat boost. I do ok with them but.
I also see the 5 minute timer pop-up
more often than not

But the solution defenses arrived today!

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