MINION MADNESS IS HERE! Are you Ready for it?

Strolling by need to dump 3 titan flags gonna level anyone? Also posting costumed full compare between the 4* AOE Healers will put in IDK, Class Node BOM(b) Or Razors Edge & Link them.


Minion Madness goes weird…
Just recorded sth strange.





YOUR DUAL LOTL!!! - TEAM looks sooo AWESOME!!! Haven’t watched vid yet, thats next!
So regretting eating my Maxed Jott now after seeing 2 players in batman use as replacement in their Fire Titan Teams (and getting some good high figures with his shields) smh, I obviously didn’t test well in my Titan Team @Olmor… what was your results (I suspect you didn’t eat yours lol)… he was terrible for me in Season 3 ran him through were I ended up 10?..

p.s. Love Boots and Seshat (didn’t get Freya darn)

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The dual diamonds and one setup for red next totally bummed you lost a LOTL early - great song!

Noooo on Freya… You held out on the Fire Diamond? Curious on that, killing it either way! I type as I watch ha ha. 3 SWORDS on LADY! so awesome ok that was worth the wait in the end to see! ha ha awesome.

And who said you can’t have more that 3 minion summoners??? PHHHHFT

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I’m going for a heavier Minion team now… I pulled trigger and banking on Noor to be better than the “grade” given - can’t get those right everytime… so nothing against Anch and the gang. Hope I’m right! Telly your in trouble…


Very interested in your verdict/opinion of Noor. She looks like a great partner for Freya if not for the mana “speed”.

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Been a bit @Sternman - good to see you again. I was laying off 5* but have a feeling which I’m just getting POUNDED On that I’m wrong about Noor. From people that have tested and maxed her. Worthless are some of the comments. I don’t think so. I have a plan. Just i just maxed Boots and its going to be a bit for me - but I’m expecting to come about with her and surprise many…


Boots is the perfect compliment to her but he is tough to summon (speaking from experience). Congrats on having him and enjoy the minion madness, should be a beastly trio with Freya.

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Incidentally Noor would be great against teams shown here. All but Telly are susceptible to getting their minions 1HKo-ed from birds and she does not even need to fire her special because a ton of birds would be summoned on her by enemies firing their specials (assuming she lives that long).

My minion squad on autoplay.
Farholme can be that easy.


Holy **** double lotl with QoH! I like your style!

Not bragging, btw, but my war defence on arrow barrage took 11 opponents to take down!


Olmer … love your setup …!

I’m thinking of an ideal team expanding on your setup …

Four lotl and PiB as tank … on raid defence …

Seems to me to be unbeatable …

Or …

Seshat/Freya - lady - PiB - lady - QoH


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I’ve received a few Raid Videos today, and my 3/2 Raid Defense (Zim/Boots/Telly/Mits/Kingston) has for the most part held well except in the case of Batman Returns Leader Cleshuk with his Kingston/Vivica-C/Eveyln/Norns/Lianna-C attack team.

So I took a moment to prepare for revenge 3/2 style just as he attacked me. My front 3 left made the team. It was turning into something more Minion & AOE that would allow me the best opportunity to take down his (20)30 / (20)30 / (20)30 / (20)30 / (20)30 3/5th’s Costumed Legend Rainbow Team! That would be: (18)30 / (11)29 / (18)29 / (1)24 / (7)30 with the Addition of Santa and Zeline. 4481TP vs 4781TP and a potential big hit with him at No.4 LOL.

3 Kitty’s, Santa and the Hot Elf:
4 Hit All, Dual Heal, Dual Attack Up (overide), Dual Attack Down (overide), Def Down, Mana Gen Down, Cleanse, Debuff, 2 AOE Summoners + Summoner of Summoners, EL Recovery (Fire), EL Crit (NATURE)

Razor: Do not forget this team!


@JonahTheBard! NORNS! On an Attack Team! Well not in the video lol, sorry.

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LOL “Broke the Game” You did. That is the standing record that I’m aware of lol. That would be a proud moment of Minioness… Grats @Fookit, Just Fookit!

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Double Kvasir vs the Pirates.


No video, but I too just used my single Kvasir on the last stage of Pirates and watched with glee as the bosses fell to a swarm of bees. I know it doesn’t do much damage, but watching the continual flickering of the screen as an army of bees does its work is very satisfying, and they did actually land the final hits on Sargasso and MT on the same turn.

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Autofarming Shrikewood.
Minions are awesome…


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