MINION MADNESS IS HERE! Are you Ready for it?

Ok so I thought telly actually block all the minion to be removed,so that’s good to know. Actually myself I have the goat too but is on the same stage as I get him because more or less everyone says hi is useless hero and I have Seshat,Kage at 3/70 both of them and only 4 tabbard so anyway I’ll keep him as it is for a very long time

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I have been recently playing around Telluria tank/Vela flank trying to go with minion killing tactic by Grimble.

After losing terrible amount of raids and becoming a laughing material for the owners of said defenses, I regret to say he is NOT worth it. Note that I have him on 3.70 only, but I don’t think that had any impact on his performance, the issues lay elsewhere.

Biggest problem with him is his average mana speed, he is always late to the party. And of course if Telly fires, she slows him even more. It’s funny when he gets to fire, but it’s usually when most of the team is dead and he somehow survived. Unfortunately, if you run him as off color you normally want to charge your main color as more tile damage is there. So I run into two issues:

  1. 4 red + Grimble is natural, but reds lack decent 5 star healer; owners of Grazul may have that ground covered though, but she’s great against Telly thanks to her status ailment protections anyway. If you don’t have Grazul, you are left with no healers = certain doom
  2. 3 red + Grimble + deep healer (Ariel, Kunchen, Vivica; I was running with Kunchen) unfortunately that makes the tile damage too low to even dream of killing Telly first, and it doesn’t guarantee you will charge people on time anyway. Vela will still wreck havoc on your red trio.

Runnig Grimble with Kunchen gave me an idea - how about running a purple stack against Telly/Vela. So I tried it also (Hel, Panther, Kunchen, Jabberwock, Grimble). I can say I was definitely more successful than running Grimble as off color, but I faced a different (kinda unexpected) issue now. Grimble was charged up at the same time as the rest of my squad. If Telly already fired by then, the special skills of the rest of my squad (Panther/Hel/Jabber) already had the minions killed before I fired Grimble. And of course I could fire him first, then the rest of them, but in that case the mana generation bonus per minion is pointless as the heroes are at full mana anyways. It was very disappointing, but I concluded that I much more benefit by taking Sartana to the stack and not Grimble.

So thousand trophies lost later, I don’t think it’s worth ascending Grimble yet, not because of Telluria/Vela appearence. While minions become more relevant, he as a minion killer does not fit here yet.


Bunny! Thanks for the in-depth research on this one. Based on Tell & especially Tell + Freya minions really became an issue to address for me. No longer having Either of the minion killers except for the Capt (whom I actually appreciate now) I didn’t have anything to judge it on except the fact they were not random Minion kills but Kill All - so I assumed. So Appreciate your testing. Ah @PapaHeavy @Ranvir @jinbatsu @RudoDewbie @nevarmaor @DoctorStrange @Guvnor
@Rigs @Ber @LucasDaoc sure there is other testing that can be done… please review this as well would hate to steer you guys wrong.

I can tell you that Mitz + Grazul + a Fast Displr are excellent ammo vs Telluria (just get that 3 tile red in asap and you are usually in good shape). I have been very successful with Mitz+Graz+Zim (plus a healer + X in another element).


I’ll have to play catch up in a couple hours

Way over my head in work right now…

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I got Graz, Grimble and TheGobber.

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Random Grimble + Telly question.

If Telly fires first, does the mana slow impact the amount of mana generated by Grimble killing the minions? In other words, do I need to fire a cleanser first before firing grimble? Any ideas?

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Great question! I ate my Grimbles and didn’t level or test prior to eating them. They hung around for a bit. I haven’t run Telluria either, just took her to 3/70 and waiting on 3 tonics. Have only raided vs both (Grimble extremely rare to see). Telluria very common and faced her in left wing in current war. Side note: Telluria in Left Wing : TERRIBLE positioning. It was done to satisfy war Defense elemental positioning - this is a case that that reduces the effectiveness of the players hero (that is WRONG imo) - not a supporter that being imposed just because.


This is what makes sense to me. Doesn’t matter when Telluria Fires if she already has minions generated (or adding to them)… or even the first summoning.

“All allies get a small amount of mana for each destroyed minion” - the skill doesn’t indicate the mana is produced by or through Grimble. This is good for Grimble and his allies.

I will assume its through the lifeforce/mana of the minion(s) that were just destroyed (i.e. it is let free from its dead form).

Now any mana that is naturally produced by Grimble (and his allies) through their own lifeforce for the 3 turns is capped at the @ 66% for those turns that it is engaged from Tell.


Well, I always regretted maxing Captain and Gobbler. And tbh, I still do. So far I found other ways to deal with minion makers…

Question please - what about if all minions are loaded and QoH is active … does she protect minions from the four other players regardless of Grimble or any other minion smasher?

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Short: Yes, she does.

If you’re interested in some additional info including an answer from the developers, visit:



Thank you very much! Great news!

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Captain Classed… further testing. My oversight that the random target had to be a minion holder…

See details in the Youtube if interested.

@PapaHeavy @Ranvir @jinbatsu @RudoDewbie @nevarmaor @DoctorStrange @Guvnor
@Rigs @Ber @LucasDaoc


Papa based on our brief I have since re-acquired and maxed a Mireweave - enjoy for sure and have gotten them to their limit of 10x a couple times :smile:


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You had a great board for my red stack right there @Razor, especially with those initial red tiles right under Telly :joy:
Great video. I need to try out a little captain action now. He’s just been sitting in my roster sharpening his sword, it’s more of a dagger now.

Oh and as for Miraweave, she’s my favorite hero to play around with. Some interesting combos with her @Razor. I’m betting we have a 5* coming up that is similar to her but even more destructive at lower stacks

@NPNKY - Let us know your thoughts on the Balancing Changes with Gobbler! They put some thought into this one, now extremely interested in the effect!


Ok FINALLY have what I was envisioning…
A friend shared something with me and I’ll get to it right after this quick experience…

My very first NATURE war opponent was when visiting/assisting at BATMAN <<11H>> rEdRuM, I had never faced BOOTS in war and I had NEVER faced LotL at TANK. Big key that I didn’t see then (but I have boots at 3/70 waiting for a ring) or guess didn’t understand because I didn’t VISUALLY CATCH IT was - “ALL SUMMONER ALLIES SUMMON A MINION” so as I was wailing on Boots and they fired it set off LotL’s Magical Sword Minion and a mana down that I wasn’t realizing not to mention BOOTS (as I guess I wasn’t seeing it)… anyway I got my ■■■ grassed by those 2. BAD! So bad I felt foolish! As they basically were untouched and think I got a 0! I don’t recall (going to look now!) shoot I didn’t record that war in War Tracker! and my 9 week rotation in BaT-CoVe passed dang it. I don’t think I tried to clean it but was present for the next 5 attempts for it to be accomplished! 5!!! Honestly the other 3 supporting heroes (don’t think they did anything)…

Big learning experience…

@JonahTheBard @FrenziedEye @jOhO (saw you sign up at TM - didn’t see you signed up for Raid War though) @Kabala @Pompitous @Suicide_Bunny @Math4lyfe @anc1ent1 @Mothra @ThePirateKing

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SO back to BOOTS here in this video FANCY is THE POSTER CHILD for:



Maybe you already knew i didn’t but her pairing of Boots, Seshat, Queen of Hearts, Freya and GM…
Boots special ‘fires’ up each minion summoner to create a minion of their own for themselves (outside of their own special) along with the 3 mice boots makes for themselves. In the case of QoH the PLAYING CARD minion is what gives her TAUNT, so boom Taunt when it wouldn’t be otherwise or early! so COOL.

When I saw the 2nd CARD ON QoH I was amazed! Never seen it before…


<<Don’t have the video available on a host forgot can’t upload here>> sorry PICTURE:

@PapaHeavy @Ranvir @jinbatsu @RudoDewbie @nevarmaor @DoctorStrange @Guvnor
@Ber @LucasDaoc @Deuce

So I guess the long and short of it is, don’t make the cat angry when he has summoner friends? :smile: :rofl: :sweat_smile: :joy:

Thanks @Razor good tip

I’ve got Seshat, Telluria, and Red Hood almost ready to pour it on.

I have been playing with Telluria/Puss in Boots/Grimble for a couple of months now. They team up well.

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