Minion is an ally?

The opposing team, while under the CKadilen buff, received minions from Hulda. I attacked their CGormek and… not a single minion was hurt. Do buffs and debuffs work on minions the same way they work on heroes?

Yes. Look at minions as extended hp for the hero.

It seems to me that a minion is a little more than just XP. Frost’s special skill, for example, only gives the buff to minions, while Lepiota sends only the hero into the abyss.

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You’re right. But I meant in the sense that they are affected by the hero’s stats, buffs and ailments. For example, minions from a hero whose color is strong against the target will hit harder. Lepiota’s SS might be an exception now that you mention it.


Now I’m wondering if the Seshat minions that will appear later will be under the Kadilen C buff?

So, my interpretation of how it works isn’t that the minions get the buff. Basically when a hero dodges that includes their minions as well. So in the case of Seshat, regardless of whether the minions are generated before or after cKadilen fires, if Seshat dodges, no damage is taken and minions are unharmed. After all, minions are really just meat shields that absorbs the damage that the hero would take. If the hero dodges, he takes no damage and minions are untouched.
Same thing with cGormek, if the hero dodges, they take no damage and cGormek’s minion killing doesn’t apply because he missed.
I don’t know about Lepiota, but wasn’t there some sort of bug with respect to how minions were handled?


I just want to understand. Gormek S is my new hero, but the first point of his SS is to kill the minions, and after that hit the hero.

But he has to hit the enemies to destroy them. Think of it as if he were blind, if he can’t hit anyone, minions are not going to be destroyed. At least, that’s how I’ve always interpreted it. If the defender dodges, they don’t suffer any consequences. Just like they can dodge dispels.
Or look at it in another way, to destroy a hero’s minions, you have to at least touch the hero. If he dodges, you don’t touch them and their minions are safe.


Thank you. I’ll try to take it as it is.

Uploading: Screenshot_2022-06-20-19-13-26-394_com.smallgiantgames.empires.jpg…

As you can see, the “meat shield” has separated and continues to attack.

Yeah, ghosting and minions is a special case. There’s more discussion here: [RESOLVED - V38 Update] Interesting ghost/fiend/minion interaction(bug) - #6 by CoachNeiko
But the general understanding is that the minion doesn’t get ghosted. Here’s a screenshot of my Ameonna with active minions, one from before she fired, and one from after.

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thanks, i’ll try to figure it out