Minimum TP per area S1 and S2

Hi I was wondering if anybody can give me the estimated team power per area of S1 and S2? Just so I have an idea of where I have to be power wise to get through each of the map area. I’ve seen many maps detailing farmables etc but no team power guidelines for every area in both maps.

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Stating minimum team power for map levels is hard since team power isn’t a very reliable feature. You can complete quests with a way “weaker” teams (with lower team power) than the recommended team power (for example during the latest Christmas Event many players completed it with a team weaker by 200-300 team power than recommended). Some players posted guides with tips how to finish last levels of rare quest (Shrikewood, Mount Umber etc.) with a team of only 3* which usually is around 2300-2600 TP (so it’s way lower than recommended).

It’s also hard to calculate . For example, one player can complete S2 15-10 with 3800 team power. But another players uses different heroes (with different special skills) that are better fitted for this specific stage and they can complete with 3500 team power. Yet another player uses battle items so his team power is lower (he has weaker heroes but uses battle items to get through). It’s really hard to calculate so I guess that’s one of the reasons why noone made a “list” of team power for each map level (or season).


what i can tell you is that with a 3200tp you can auto-play/farm s1 8-7, 12-9. even 17-1, most of the times :wink:

To auto-farm 8/7 1.7k - 2k TP (depending on the heroes) is already enough.

As for S2, province 1 easy mode is doable with about 1.8k team power (but that depends a lot on the heroes), for hard mode province 1 I would estimate that 2.5k is the minimum (for experienced and skilled players) and 2.8k+ is needed to get through the levels rather comfortably. This also true for the highest provinces currently available in easy mode. For P15 on hard mode 3k is the minimum, 3.4k+ is recommended if you don’t want to struggle.

With the right setup (e.g. good Mana controllers for the boss stages) very good players might also beat the levels with even lower TP…

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My current team is around 2300/2400 TP. At present I auto farm 8.7 (can be done with 1800) zip through 12.9 and with a couple of items I can play through 16.9 with relative ease (if board plays with me). I can farm S2 1-3 comfortably as well for variety. I use S2 1.3 to get my poisen lv’s completed up.

Right, now on to the problem. I seem to have hit a wall after completing Morgovia yesterday (those elemental battles are tough!) And closed off S2 area 3 same day. Area 4 is a whole different matter. Failed S2 4.1 on first run.

I get that I should train up a few levels but knowing how much is the conundrum. The big issue is wasting WE flags. I rarely get flasks so I rely mainly on maximising my “naturally gained” flags the old fashioned way. By waiting lol!

I have found that 1000 trophies in raids is the first big hill to climb. Getting close is one thing, it’s a totally different matter of maintaining that threshold long enough once you there for the raid flags to accumulate enough to try push to say 1100. I find myself in a constant “ground hog day” the last week of getting to around 1000 mark and then dropping to 900/850 mark overnight. Grind grind grind. I’ll get there.

I still feel the big secret to success is knowing just how many flags to put towards farming and how many to use to gain exp and finally how many of what’s left to burn trying to progress map level. I have played only 60 days or so and I’m doing my best to maximise the time I spend playing.
I guess that may help a little towards highlighting my mental dilemma…


The rewards for completing S1 are pretty lackluster, so unless you just want it completed, I’d focus 100% on farming at your level. It’s probably worth pushing up to Doomspire once your team is a bit higher in level, because that will help you farm reds for the rare red chests.

What level are you right now? The XP for levelling is really only useful to get you more WE flags and hero slots in your roster.

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I’m level 24. 30k and it’s 25. To me its important to put some time a day towards mining xp as every WE flag gained does add up after every 30 days of play time.

It’s a LOT of levels between you and the point where you can bank a whole night sleep’s worth of WE. I agree that the flag bank is important, but as long as you can fill chests at one go with your banked WE, you’re probably squeezing most of the juice out of the WE orange.

If you really want to focus in XP from time to time, then I’d recommend farming the highest XP/flag level that you’ve already completed from time to time. Every so often, when your team is appreciably stronger, go ahead and knock out a new province.

This guide will show you best value point in terms of XP/flag (you may have seen this already):

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That guide TP number for quests is a bit … err … vague and approximate, especially because not all rainbow teams are created equal at the same team power … and generally a team with strong colors stacked will be far more effective than its team power would indicate.

As a general game guideline for farming vs map progress, my suggestion would be:

Farm the good 3-flag farming levels when you can. I’d recommend 5-8, 6-8, 7-7, and 8-7. (You will be back at the one of those you choose a lot later anyways)

When you can easily farm 12-9, using no battle items and always winning, put it into your farming mix. (Among other things, this will make sure you get enough of all the farmable 3* ascension mats)

Every now and again, progress through map levels. If you fail or most of your heroes die, go back to farming and leveling up your heroes for a while.

At some point, start working through the S2 normal levels as well. I didn’t start them until my team was ready for the hard levels as well, so I can’t say exactly how S2 normal levels compare with layer provinces in S1.

Whatever you do, you will be spending a lot of time farming and way less progressing on the map.

It is a rare situation where it is worthwhile to use battle items making map progress. (Except minor healing potions if you don’t have good healers)

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Thanks took your advise and read up as indicated and as it stands I managed to finish pirates on rare, moved up 1 and a half areas on map and with my level up in between it all only cost me 1 extra world flask. Low on farmables again so ill try use my next to natural full (based on time? WE flags to purely farm leaving one or so full flags for trying pirates on epic, quests or map progression on s2. I can on average have my WE full atleast 3/4 times a day with out turning into a zombie from sleep deprivation lol! I think I was just to used to the seemingly faster progress felt early in the game without realising the map levels were getting stronger way faster than I was. Amature mistake but to be expected after only playing about 2 months or so. Thanks again.

Ive realised that the “expected loot in area” suedo briefing displayed before each level is not written in stone by any semblance of the term and even constantly selecting a mission then closing the window after loot is shown and cycling this until i see what I’m looking for. In many cases results in the exact opposide of what was desired are returned. By taking 3 loot tickets and running them in succession showed that this is definitly the case in more times than one would expect but it could be that playing level manually does, in general, yeild better loot hauls. Again, I could just be wrong entirely. RNG can do that to you. So some areas do give more recruits per run it will have more or less the same result on any other level. Sooo. This means then having areas 1 item heavy (or 2) that the others are nothing more than random every single time. Exception to the rule is exp which steadily goes up as you progress balanced off by WE doing the same per province and devided by actual WE increases per xp level. Meaning in the long run the game works exactly as sg says it does. Randomly in a slow incremented pace unless boosted by player action (gems). Its like that by design not chance. This is the field leveler. Time/activity/investment. I think I’m close?

Excellent! I’m glad it was helpful. Congrats on finishing Pirates on Rare too! The game is definitely more of a marathon than a sprint. And you’re right, the early levels do make it seem like you’re going to be able to breeze through everything.

With respect to the loot shown in a province, yeah, that just gives you an idea of what might drop. Like much in this game, the actual result is randomly drawn against a list of possibles.

There’s a spreadsheet that shows our best estimate of the drop rates of different stuff per WE flag. It’ll help you figure out where is best to farm if you’re hoping to find a particular item:

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Ya, that’s a very very vague possibility, I suspect. I ignore it.

My guess … as somebody who has spent a lot of time crunching data on thousands of farming runs … is that whenever you run a level you get a random selection of loot. (Yes, I’m involved in the farming project linked above)

How much of everything you get varies a bit by level, but does generally increase as you go up the map.

Some increases faster than WE requirements; some more slowly. Some about the same.

Anyhow, crafting items and ascension items are very random. I’d guess that this display is just a few runs through the random item generation for that level that shows what could happen. Of course it isn’t the same run as you go on, so it isn’t what does happen.

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If you want to progress the map with low power team, you need a spirit linker (gunnar/kailani), multiple healer, and probably brienne (wu kong if you are lucky) to boost puzzle attack, beating 21-6 can be done easily with team power below 2500 if you have those heroes. But it might take a while to collect those heroes if you are not that fortunate. Check the elements of the monster and pick heroes with elememts that strong against them.

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