Minimum one emblem per chest

The title says it all. There’s a timer on rushing chests, so putting at least one emblem in every chest can’t open the floodgates. People are reporting lots of zero-emblem chests, which is extremely discouraging as we look at needing hundred or thousands to use this new feature in any meaningful way.

I’m not asking for a flood of emblems, just a trickle. What we have now is more akin to a Chinese water torture.



Yeah i agree.

If it would be 1 class it would be okay the way it is right now.

But with 10 classes with an avarage of maybe 2-3 emblems per Day if you stay on the chestskiptimer 24/7, Tortur i a good descriptor.

prefer it as currently there is no minimum of 1 emblem. Why? so this game is more stressful for the players hahahahaha … if it’s too easy to get this game it feels boring
like a coin Atlantis its appearance is truly unique. he will only appear on the chest if the event will be opened
and once the event is finished the coin disappears from the chest

Maybe can give a random emblem per day for VIP. It would encourage more people to continue with their VIPs.


Agreed @Kerridoc thank you for bringing this up! This feels worse than hoping to get ascension items…

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I am about 4 monster chests into the initial emblems gift before I got 2 Emblems in one of them today, small sample size, of course. But I have a feeling they “might” be a bit more common than Atlantis Coins, considering their varieties.

Yet, according to @Petri’s post two hours ago, it looks like they aren’t in the regular Titan’s loot rolls, but only in the Rare Titan’s loot rolls (and chance only). Not sure if this includes individual war loot (e.g. for participating in any war), but I’d expect them to show up in War Chests.

With 10 classes of emblems thrown into the mix, it will take a long time to do, I guess it was a way to prevent max players from Emblem/Talent rush their already maxed defense roster.

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At 0-3 emblems per chest, the average drop rate is 1.5 emblems per chest. Set a 1 emblem minimum, and it moves up to an average of two per chest.

Even if you’re a hard-core chest accelerator, that adds a grand total of 14 emblems per week average, or 728 per year. That’s less than half of a single 5*'s level up.

So c’mon SG. This isn’t game breaking. But NOT doing it is a good way to frustrate and disappoint a lot of people.


Should be more like

  • 1-3 for monster chests
  • 1-7 for raids (diamond only it will be like 1-3 for bronze)
  • 3 to 10 for titans chest
  • 5, 10 , 15(rare) or 20(rare) for color chest (seems fair)
  • Titan: depend of “*” number (ex: a 9 stars will give between 3 and 5)
  • War: 3 to 5
  • War chest: 5 to 20

I actually decided to vote for this one. Given how utterly broken the voting system is, getting me to do that is an accomplishment.
To start a 5* on the talent grid takes 65 of the appropriate tokens. The final step needs 250. There are multiple classes, so even if someone uses gems to get more chests to open, and is lucky enough to get all the tokens for the same class, it’s going to take the better part of a month to just start a 5*, let alone finish one if there is a guaranteed token in every chest.


And for titans also, I haven’t received any for them yet.

Per the latest words from devs. They should show up for Titan Chests, but they won’t drop for regular Titan loots, but could drop in Rare Titans.

Emblem drop rate should be almost identical to the gem drop rate. You get probably about 5 to 10 gems per day from just standard play, right? That’s a couple hundred a month, then there are bigger drops in special circumstances. That seems reasonable. I mean, I just got 5 from an elemental ice chest. Really? 5? I mean, look, I’m excited about the new feature, but not if it’s going to be slow to the point of obnoxiousness. They did this with rare titans. A great new feature that never, ever delivers. I have gotten 1, yes 1, bonus drop from a rare titan in, what, 8 months? The feature does not excite me any more when I see it pop up. It’s just meh. And if drops don’t increase for emblems, this feature will go the same way.


Slight bump:

Just wanted to point out that, after I saw this thread posted, I haven’t seen a single chest (monster, hero, and titan) that didn’t have at least one emblem inside. Perhaps this suggestion has now been implemented server-side? Or am I just on a lucky streak?

Just a lucky strike.
Out of my last 9 chests, just 2 dropped emblems

Voted and bumped
20 heroes

I also vote for this concept.

After having 6 chests in a row with no emblems, it’s a hearty yes.

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Happy that SG actually did it. Good job! Now more people will actually start buying VIP passes again.