Mini game & endless arcade

I was thinking about new features for the game: mini games when you log in (like a 3/4 min game) and an arcade mode, with waves of enemies coming non-stop with increasing power; the longer you last, the better the loot is.
It sounds cool, of course it should be tested and so on, but it could bring some new elements to the game. What do you think?

Not sure about the mini games, would really have to depend on the mini games themselves to see if I would like it.

The arcade mode with incoming waves? My god, I would LOVE that.

Could be a one-per-day kind of thing with some loot at the end as you suggested, increasing with each series of 2-3 waves. Waves could change per day/week, hero requirements (similar to tournaments), etc. I can see a lot of potential in that idea, honestly!


Arcade mode…I LOVE THIS IDEA!!!


Variants of this idea can be discussed and voted on here: Survival / Continual Battle / Endless Wave Mode - Master Thread

The mini games idea is certainly separate, and worth expanding on. There have been some vague posts about them before like Mini games, but I don’t think there’s an thread with much discussion or traction.