Mine 150 Holy Chest and my 150 other Chest i am given wrong items

Hi administrator, please look into my issue of not given correct ascend items example newly Holy chest i am given a TRAP TOOLS and no Tonics…My previous 150 Holy i am also given a Hidden blade.

Or this is normal or it happen to be a bug on my account.

Thanks in advance

Contrary to what we would like to believe, you do not always get ascension material related to that specific elemental chest that you open (e.g. opening Blue Chest and expect to find Warm Capes or Telescopes), in fact it has frequently been the opposite, much like in your case where opening a Holy Chest contains the mats associated with color it is strong/weak against, like Trap Tools/Royal Tabard (purple), and opening a Nature chest yielded Capes/Scopes or Blades/Rings as opposed to Shields/Tonics.

It doesn’t necessarily work like that, it is all randomly generated.


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