Mindless attack to riposte

So this question rose up today. What if an enemy affected with Merlins special uses mindless attack to an enemy that has riposter active? Does the mindless attack user receive a counterattack?

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You know that happened to me in the event and I wish I’d have paid more attention. I am pretty new and still getting my head around some of these specials. Just got merlin yesterday. Looks like he could be some fun when I level him so I would be interested to know the answer.

PS: I will be paying more attention to things from now on.

Soooo, your hero hit another your hero that had riposte? Did the attacker take damage?

I wish I had paid better attention so I didn’t see but intermediate first few rounds were rough for me. I have some work to do for the next event. I am not going to complain about the difficulty like others. Just take what happened and improve. Next time hopefully I will get farther if not to the end.


Merlin is absolutely fun to use…he is literally my reason for success against the bosses in Intermediate. :smile:

Watching Arthur, Guinevere & Morgan slap themselves or their minions over & over and never get a special fired off? Priceless! :laughing:

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I was watching @Olmor play through the raid tournament over here, and in the first battle, he had Merlin cast Mindless Attack while the defense team had riposte up. The affected hero had also been hit by Proteus, so he died before he could fill up his mana. But it made me wonder about this:

With Avalon coming next week, maybe we can get an answer…

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I am fairly certain that yes, the hero casting Mindless Attack will receive riposte damage if it hits an ally that has riposte active.

I think the mindless attack user would take damage. I once casted mindless attack on Marjana, and she dodged her own attack due to her Rouge talent.

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