Min. hero level requirements to beat Avalon intermediate?

Hi guys,

with Knights of Avalon approaching, I was wondering what would be the min. hero level requirement in order to beat Intermediate, last stage? I have only four 4* heroes (unfortunately not fully leveled) and from what I have read, I have the feeling that it would end pretty ugly. See below a screenshot of my hero roster:

Other than that, I have one 5* (Delilah, not usable in Intermediate) and a fair amount of fully leveled 3*. I was thinking to double purple and give it a shot, something in the line of:

Balthasar, Belith, Tiburtus, Scarlett, Caedmon

Since Caedmon is only at 2/1, I was considering replacing him with Kailani 3/50. I found out that the +63% over 5 turns defense works really well in those special quests. Or should I better go with 2 healers, e.g. adding Hawkmoon to the party?

As for battle items, I have a decent amount of everything up to a level 17 forge. What would be your suggestion for those?

Thanks a lot for your response!

I don’t know for sure, but I would be inclined to go with Brienne, Belith, Kalani, Tiburtus, Scarlett and as many health and mana potions as you can get your hands on. You’re gonna need bombs and axes too if yo u have them.

Brienne and kalanis specials mash together, or at least they used to, to give everyone a massive attack and defence boost at once.

What color does it reflect in avalon?

With 20 characters.

You’d have a very hard time getting through intermediate with that team. Avalon is the hardest event so far, and while the devs tuned down the power of event bosses in a previous update, I imagine it will still be quite difficult this time around. I’d try the last level with Scarlett, Tiburtus, Balthazar, Brienne, and Belith and all the bomb and axe attacks you have. Still I wouldn’t count on beating the level without some incredible boards.

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I’m gonna give it to you straight…I don’t see you getting past the last 1/3 - 1/4 of the intermediate level with your current roster…Not unless you pay to continue or bring a ■■■■ ton of items…It’s not that you don’t have the right heroes, maybe not the very best, it’s that it’s best to have them fully leveled. They give you your best chances…

Do the beginner to the best of your abilities and have fun…

I’d go with Skittle, Kailani, Friar Truck, Belith, Briene. 4 Greens and Kaliana versus a reflective Blue color might do the job.

Skittle Will reduce their attack, Kailani will boost your defense, Frair will heal your two defensive healers and buff their mana regeneration, so the slow mana of Kailani will be able to charge faster, it will keep her and Belith helathier for more heals, Brienne will significantly boost your damage. You might even swap the places of Briene and Belith so you will keep your Damage booster high.

As for items, I woud go Arrows, Axes, Small Health pots and Small Mana pots. If you have 5 of those you might wanna swap the Axes or the Arrows with Bombs or Dragon Banners, but that’s only for the final level, as I don’t think you have enough for more than one level.

If you have some gems saved up, you might wanna use them for a full revive on the last level - 75 gems for the first revive (full health) and if you need it again I think it’s 100 or 150 additional. The first 75 gems are kind of worth it to get the Gloves in the event, the second not so much but it’s an option :slight_smile:

Well, that would depend on whether they tweaked the event for this round as they did with previous events. The Tiers really do not get hard until the final 3 or 4 levels. I took my 3* team into Intermediate and did fairly well until about 66-75% of the way through last time.

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That’s exactly what I thought…And that’s you, a more experienced player, now imagine someone that’s still figuring things out…Eeek…You can start in intermediate with 3* s and do ok at first, but the last leg of the stages will kill ya…
My guess they did tweak it, some…

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Yeah, I see your point and I also think it has been tweaked. The final stage of Advanced was…interesting last time. I remember all of the posts complaining about it.

Sadly your Kailani/Brienne duo is very effective against other event Boss, but with Morgan that bypass Kailani defence and Gwin that simply cut your mana and regenerate, you need some heavy hitters rather than a defensive approach.

Maybe in your shoes i drop Kailani and go for a green quartet of Brienne-Belith-Skittle-Caedmon, with Tiburtus to complete.

Enter the last stage with a green diamond already set and take axe and arrows.

Does someone has a list of the monsters and bosses colors for each level of this event?

Maybe someone wraped it up from the previous knights of avalon? :kissing_heart:

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Thanks a lot for your feedback guys, I’ll give it a try to see how it’s going!

Special thanks to Elpis, I was able to beat it with his strategy. Did level up the specials before the boss fight and started with a green diamond, then fired 4 axes and 4 bombs and Guin and Morgan died. Arthur was pretty easy then with 4 green heroes. Many thanks!